New company registration service in Malaysia

New company registration service in Malaysia

New company registration service in Malaysia

It is straightforward to register your company with us by refill our company registration form and supply us the details as needed.

  • A minimum of 2 shareholders / subscribers to the shares of the corporate (Section four CA)
  • A minimum of 2 administrators (Section twenty two CA); either Malaysian citizenship or foreign participants

A company secretary WHO are often either:1. a private WHO may be a member of an expert body prescribed by the Minister of Domestic Trade and shopper Affairs; or a private authorized by the businesses Commission of Malaysia (“SSM”). Both the director and company secretary shall have their principal or solely place of residence at intervals Malaysia.

  • Age higher than eighteen years previous
  • NRIC- card for Malaysian and passport copy for foreigners

Our company secretary is qualified and approved company secretary in Malaysia beneath firms Commission Malaysia to act on behalf of public WHO will register or to include company in Malaysia. Once we have a tendency to received the corporate registration kind and up front deposit a minimum of 2 hundredth, any action can obsessed to use the planned name and result ordinarily take at intervals one hour to one operating days once submission at CCM counter.

We will inform the standing of the corporate name search result and once we have a tendency to get approval than any step to arrange and send the Incorporation documents and different relates kind are causation to you either by traveler or via e-mail. Kindly come back back to us the incorporation documents once signed by the board of administrators and shareholders alongside the remaining payment for U.S. to proceed any to register your company at CCM.


Name search result         – 1 operating day upon submission.

Registration of company                – five operating days upon submission.

Released of company documents            1 – two operating days

The whole method to include an organization can take minimum five to seven operating days.

Our company registration worth includes full package with the corporate documentations and statutory book punctually certified by the officer or company secretary. We will than turn over you the sets of company documents punctually certified by the corporate secretary and you’ll open the corporate accounting to start out your business operation.

All the higher than necessities, procedure square measure certain beneath the businesses Act,1965.

1) New Company Registration kind.

2) New Company Registration worth.

3) Professional Service Charges.


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Setting up a company in Malaysia

Setting up a company in Malaysia

Setting up a company in Malaysia

Setting up a company in Malaysia

Did you recognize that consistent to the New firms Act 2016, the method of putting in place a company in Malaysia will be done online.

  1. At RM1,060.60
  2.  Mistreatment only 1
    (A) Person name (long gone square measure the times wherever you would like two (B) individuals to line up a private limited company, Jyeah!!! SSM is Awesome)

Check out our article on: – how to setting up a company in Malaysia

Cost to Setup:-

  • The cost concerned is as follows:
  • RM50 – Reservation of Name for thirty days
  • RM1, 010.60 – Incorporation Fees

What square measure a number of the knowledge that you simply got to give to setup a company in Malaysia?

  • Name of planned Company – prepare three names simply just in case your initial alternative is taken;– SSM reserves the correct to reject your name reservation submission, can which is able to need you to create another name reservation – every name reservation will value you RM50 – thus opt for sagely
  • Principal endeavor (software package Development, Construction & Renovation, or automobile Rental)
  • Information on Identification Card or Passport of Shareholder/Director – min of one person; (yea, only 1 person is spare – You don’t need to borrow your wife, girlfriend, brother, uncle, kinswoman or best friends name to line up a private limited Company)
  • Amount of paid capital and
  • Percentage of holding of every shareholder

Do you still got to hire a company secretary? Yes, you may still want a corporation secretary for the subsequent reasons:

  1. SSM needs that you simply should appoint a corporation secretary inside thirty days from the date of incorporation which the position should not be vacant for over thirty days. If you’re late – Late Lodgments Fees are obligatory.
  2. As presently as your Company is incorporated you may likely got to open your account. you may then want a corporation Secretary to organize the resolutions to it impact.
  3. You will want a corporation Secretary to lodge you annual returns and different relevant documents to SSM like Company Constitution, Allotment of latest Shares and Appointment of administrators and etc.


How to register a company in Malaysia

How to register a company in Malaysia

How to register a company in Malaysia

Company registration in Malaysia offers several edges to business homeowners. it’s a preferred alternative for foreigners trying to include. we are going to discuss edges and how to register a company in Malaysia. Company registration in Malaysia for a foreigner owning 100 percent of the corporate is additionally attainable, looking on the business.

First, let’s discuss why this has become such common place within which to include. the advantages of forming an organization in Malaysia embody the following:

  • There may be a important quantity of shopper demand in each native and foreign Asian markets, and also the owner of a Malaysian corporation edges from quick access to the current potential business.
  • Start-up prices in Malaysia area unit comparatively low when put next to Singapore. Malaysia’s monthly workplace rental per area unit is four (4) times but the rates in Singapore. The wage rate in Malaysia is forty p.c (40%) but that of Singapore.
  • Malaysia has cardinal double taxation treaties, which means firms being fashioned during this jurisdiction can get pleasure from this lower tax price, as a result.
  • Withholding taxes aren’t levied on dividends that area unit generated outside of the jurisdiction.
  • There aren’t any business restrictions on Malaysian firms on homecoming of capital, profits, dividends, and royalties.
  • Malaysia offers liberal governmental policies to its firms and offers several engaging incentives.

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Company registration steps in Japan

Company registration in Japan has some steps if you follow these method that was be easy for company registration in Japan.


Company registration steps in Japan

 Japan company registration is associate 8-stage method. this can be as follows:

  1. Have a seal created – this takes three days and prices about twenty,000 JPY. acquire a duplicate of register and a registration certificate of the company’s seal. Once done a checking account will be opened with the company’s name.
  2. Submit a duplicate of the certificate of seal registration to the Ministry of Justice. This takes one day and prices about four hundred JPY.
  3. Registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau. This takes one to three weeks and prices about sixty,000 JPY.
  4. apprise the tax workplace of the incorporation of the corporate, gap of a payroll workplace associated apply for an approval blue tax returns. This takes one day.
  5. apprise the tax workplace of the commencement of business. This takes one day.
  6. Submit employment laws and begin of business and labor insurance notifications to the Labor Standards superior workplace. This takes one day.
  7. Apply for insurance and public welfare pension with the social welfare workplace. This takes one day.
  8. Apply to the general public Employment Security workplace for employment insurance and accident compensation insurance. This takes one day.

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Company registration service in Sri Lanka

Company registration service and steps in Sri Lanka

Company registration service and steps in Sri Lanka

We provide every kind of company registration services in Sri Lanka for native and foreign entities. You want to register a company in Sri Lanka? searching for an answer so consult us for company registration in Sri Lanka and foreign company registration in Sri Lanka.

Step 1

In accordance with Section six and seven of the businesses Act No. seven of 2007 the primary step is to examine the provision of the projected name of the corporate.

Step 2

Application for registration of the projected Company by submitting Articles of Association along side the forms delineated below.

Form one (1) – Company Registration : provides details of kind and name of the corporate, registered address of the corporate, Details of initial administrators, Secretary/ies and Shareholders.
Form eighteen (18) – Consent of administrators
Form nineteen (19) – Consent of Secretary/ies
If the corporate is coming back beneath the BOI regime, the draft Articles of Association ought to be submitted for approval of executive (Legal), BOI before incorporation of the corporate.

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Company registration in Malaysia

<img src="image/Company registration in Malaysia.jpg" alt="Company registration in Malaysia"/>

Company registration in Malaysia


Company registration service in Malaysia

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Company registration in Botswana

Company  registration in Botswana


Company registration in Botswana

To register the corporate, the bourgeois should submit a completed form, at the side of the name reservation certificate and therefore the declaration of compliance of statutory needs for company registration. Botswana LLC should don’t have any quite twenty five shareowners and a minimum of 1 shareholder and one director, The representative workplace is 100% foreign closely-held and controlled, it’s not allowed to create direct sales in Botswana. Such associate degree workplace can solely interact in activities like promoting the business of the parent company and research.

Company registration in Botswana – LICENSING

An industrial license may be obtained from the commercial Affairs Department, Ministry of Trade and Industry; or get a trade license from the Gaborone council.

Accounting and Tax For company registration in Botswana

  • Corporate tax is just V-day for producing firms and IFSC firms. Zero company tax
  • underneath a Development Approval Order
  • Duty free and quota free access to EU market
  • Lowest income tax, the best bracket is twenty fifth and register for VAT at the
  • Department of Customs &amp; Excise
  • No interchange controls

Company registration in Botswana has ne’er been simpler; there area unit solely 2 steps concerned, that i’ll take you thru. foremost firms area unit registered by the Registrar of firms and property (ROCIP).

Step 1: Reservation of Company or Business Name
Requirements for Reservation of Company or Business Name

  1. A reservation fee of P20.00 is owed upon submission of forms
  2. kind one for name
  3. kind RBN 1A for business name.
  4. National ID or Passport for non-citizens

The expected work time is 5 days. It ought to be noted that reservations business/company names area unit solely valid for thirty days and solely valid reservations area unit accepted for business/company registrations. If quite thirty days have move on, the business/company should be reserved once more through the method listed on top of. a web information of company names may be accessed to stop duplicates subject to verification by ROCIP.

Step 2: Company Registration
Upon confirmation that the planned company/business name is out there, Company registration forms ought to be submitted. so as to finish the corporate registration forms you’ll ought to provide:
If a representative is applying on behalf of the human, a letter authorizing the representative ought to be submitted.

Requirements for Company Registration in Botswana:

  • Form a pair of and kind three for an organization restricted by shares;
  • Form 2A and kind three for a closed company;
  • Form 2B and kind three for an organization restricted by guarantee;
  • Form three (declaration) to be crammed by a certified Company Secretary recognized by
  • the Act or a Director/member of a company;
  • The person presenting the appliance ought to give their address, phonephone or mobile numbers within the areas provided;
  • The person presenting the appliance ought to attach certified copies of their positive identification or passport
  • Certified copies of identity documents for the planned administrators and shareholders and a active certificate for the corporate Secretary;
  • Two (2) original certain sets of all documents area unit needed
  • P360.00 registration fee of owed upon submission and acceptance of registration documents
  • In case of a business, name registration kind RBN a pair of ought to be completed and submitted with a duplicate of the applicant’s identity document and P150.00 registration fee.

Please be suggested that you just can would like a licensed Company Secretary to officiate your documents. Bantu Abahle will create this method even less complicated for you, by golf shot you in-tuned with a respected Company Secretary WHO can reserve a reputation and register an organization on your behalf. Saving you the trouble of filling forms and standing in long queues.
Simply you’ll be able to contact with United States of America then we are going to take regarding company registration method in Botswana.