Virtual office Bahrain (Lower cost)

S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is an international business consultancy firm incorporated asprivate limited company in Bangladesh.

Lower Cost & higher service quality

Contact information: 
Manama, Bahrain
Corporate Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mobile: +880 01790220729 or, +880 01790220728
Service area:
  1. Foreign company registration ( 100 % foreign owned share, Joint Venture, Branch/ Liason/ Virtual office)
  2. Legal
  3. Accounts Audit
  4. Income Tax
  5. Company Secretarial
We are all Countries in Asia

Branch Office


Branch office companies are businesses that are established outside Bahrain and are permitted to open branches or offices in the country, on the condition of approval from the Minister of Commerce and Agriculture and a local sponsor is appointed. The sponsor must be a Bahraini merchant. However, the branch offices are exempted from the necessity of a Bahraini sponsor if the office uses Bahrain as a regional centre or a representative office for their activities.
Can I own a business in Bahrain?
100% foreign ownership of business is allowed. Sector-specific and/or company type restrictions may apply.
Do I need a Local Sponsor to form a WLL Company?
No. Local sponsor is not required and 100% foreign ownership is allowed
Do I need a Local Sponsor to open a Foreign Company Branch?
No. A local sponsor is required only for an operational office
Is 100% foreign ownership allowed for an individual establishment?
Individual Establishment
Only Bahraini citizens and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (must be resident in Bahrain) may register an Individual Establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain. An Individual Establishment is a non-incorporated entity and is owned by one individual only. The owner is liable for all debts and liabilities of the business to the extent of his/her personal assets.

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