Company Formation process in Bangladesh

The Board of Investment (BOI) registration makes the company eligible to avail the incentives and facilities provided by the government.

Required documents are: 
a. Application Forms
b. Certificate of Incorporation
c. Memorandum of Association – MOA
d. Article of Association – AOA
e. Joint Venture Agreement (if any)
f. Attested copy of deed agreement for rental premises
g. Project Profile
h. Background of the promoters (shareholders)
i. List of Machineries indicating quantity and price
j. Copy of the relevant Loan documents
k. Pay Order/Bank draft for the fee

1. Factory: Approval of Factory Plan
2. Bonded Warehouse License
3. Registration of Local Investment Project

Industrial Registration Application
Application for BOI Industrial Registration with following supporting documents:
a. Project Profile
b. MOA
c. AOA
d. Land Information & Document
e. Machinery Details
f. Financing sources
g. TIN (Tax Identification Number)
h. Import Registration Certificate- IRC
i. Export Registration Certificate – ERC
j. BOI Recommendation Letter (for Visa)
k. Visa Application
l. Work permit
m. Environment Certificate
n. Social Compliance

At a glance Business Licenses are required: 
1 . Approval of Factory Plan
2 . Bonded Warehouse License Customs Bond Commissionerate (CBC)
3 . Certificate of Incorporation
4 . Environmental Clearance Certificate Department of Environment (DOE)
5 . Export Registration Certificate (ERC)
6 . Fire License Fire Service and Civil Defense (FS&CD)
7. Import Registration Certificate (IRC)- Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)
8 . Registration of Foreign Investment/ Joint Venture- Board of Investment (BOI)
9 . Registration of Local Investment Projects – Board of Investment (BOI)
10 . Tax Holiday Certificate National Board of Revenue (NBR)
11 . Tax Identification Number (TIN) National Board of Revenue (NBR)
12 . Trade License for a Commercial Firm- Dhaka City Corporation
13. Trade License for a Manufacturing Firm – Dhaka City Corporation
14 . Trade Marks Registration – Department of Patents, Designs & Trademarks (DPDT)
15. VAT Registration National Board of Revenue (NBR)



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