Foreign Company Formation Consultancy Firm in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Company Registration, Incorporation

How to list overseas entity in Saudi Arabia
• Trade environment
• Income Tax, Custom, Goods export and import, raw materials
• Business and/ or investors visa
• Employment cost, rent office
• How to setup commerce

Company Registration/ Formation/ incorporation in Saudi Arabia, Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia-FDI, FDI in Saudi Arabia, and Doing Business in Saudi

There are several ways of doing business in Saudi Arabia, most common of these are:
• Direct Exports
• Non Resident Execution of Projects
• Commercial Agents and Distributors
• Franchises
• ‘Technical and Scientific Offices (Rep Offices)
• Permanent Branches
• Temporary Branches
• Sole Proprietorships
• 100% Self-Owned Companies (Limited, Joint Stock)
• Joint Venture Companies (Limited, Joint Stock)

Non Resident Execution of Projects
Smaller projects, in both the private and the government sector, do usually not require a local presence to be established. A tax registration is needed and the local client will pay withholding tax on behalf of the contractor. Visas and residence permits can be temporarily sourced from other entities.

Business, Investment, Foreign, Company,

Business, Investment, Foreign, Company,


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