S & F Consulting Firm Limited is a private limited company in Bangladesh. It is recognized as global business consultancy service provider & professional legal

Our Services:

Foreign Company Formation, Registration, Incorporation (Private & Public limited or 100 % own share, Joint Venture, Partnership & Branch/ Liason/ Virtual/ Representative Office Opening/ Set up/ Registration/ Renewal ).
Legal Service
Income Tax
Accounting (Audit, B/S, P/L, Income Statement )
Management Consultancy
Company Secretarial

Money Security: Our Company guarantees the payment of the customers IF the money is sent/ transferred with our knowledge in proper way to our company or our persons who is authorized by the company ONLY.
Investors are requested to talk with our Managing Director directly or take consent before transfer/ remit/ send your money to us. No money shall be deemed to be received or guaranteed by us if it is sent without our knowledge. Your will be sent acknowledgement (with money receipt form of S & F) by short time after confirmation of receiving the money.

Money Transfer: We receive your money through Standard Chartered Bank or schedule bank will be given by us or Western Union.

S & F Consulting Firm Limited

Why the investors shall contact us without direct contact with other consultant of the respective country?
• We can set up your business by Lower Cost/ Fees
• We can assist to register/ form your business in multiple countries
• We have directly appointed local representative/ attorney of the respective countries to assist you
• We are giving guarantee against your money
• Our professional flavor is different than others
• Our global customers speak up for our service
• Some special services are FREE for the investors which helps to minimize the cost


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