New company registration in Japan

Company registration process in Japan

New company registration in Japan
New company registration in Japan

Question: I recently started my very own IT consulting business here in Japan, and unneeded to mention it absolutely was quite learning expertise.  Hoping to alleviate others from a number of the tedium, I compiled an overview of the method at the side of some tips for beginning your terribly own Japanese company

Get a JETRO identity card –

JETRO stands for “The Japan External Trade Organization,” and they are a main data resource for beginning your own business in Japan. though their free consulting services solely apply to foreign corporations seeking to start out operations in Japan, their free library contains a astonishingly comprehensive quantity of data in English, therefore it is a fantastic place to coach yourself.  In fact, a lot of of the fundamental data regarding beginning your own company is even download-able from their web site, that the JETRO web site and library area unit highly-recommended beginning points.  I spent solely a couple of hours there and walked out infinitely higher ready to proceed.

Choose Between associate degree LLC or Joint Stock Company

I’m greatly oversimplifying, however there area unit two basic styles of company you’ll start―a Goudou Gaisha or a Kabushiki Kaisha. Goudou Gaisha is that the Japanese like associate degree LLC, whereas Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K.) could be a joint stock corporation. far and away the foremost common is that the K.K. owing to the standing and image it comes.  K.K. is structurally equivalent to massive companies like Sony or Nintendo, therefore there’s no obtrusive indication of however little your operation can be.  All Japanese understand what a K.K. is, therefore prospective staff will not be raising eyebrows at interviews.

A Goudou Gaisha isn’t as fashionable in Japan because it comes a form of “mom and pop” look image.  However, it’s cheaper and easier to register, works virtually identical as a K.K., and might be modified to a K.K. later (for a fee) if you therefore opt for.

I started a Goudou Gaisha as a result of I actually have no proximate plans to rent staff and don’t will hide the actual fact i am alittle operation. i am merely associate degree IT adviser that wished to any allow his consulting business.  I principally build websites, therefore I patterned most of my business would return via referral or supported the standard of different sites in my portfolio.  As such, I did not care a lot of that high-toned K.K. image.

Each person’s scenario is totally different, therefore opt for a corporation sort supported your explicit desires. it is also value noting that laws amendment, therefore consult JETRO for the foremost up-to-date data. for instance, several people―including myself―were beneath the mix up that it takes millions and countless yen in paid-in capital and a 3-person board of administrators to start out a K.K., discouraging several from even making an attempt. whereas true within the past, this can be not the case.  Laws are revised to foster economic process by removing barriers to establishing new businesses.  It’s currently easier than ever to start your own company.

Register a private Seal

Most foreigners living in Japan area unit already accustomed to the inkan system, therefore I will not get in complete detail.  If you haven’t already done therefore, register a private seal (aka “hanko” or “inkan”) together with your town / ward workplace. you’ll purchase one from an area inkan look or perhaps order on-line employing a web site like  Take the seal to the workplace and that they can “connect” it together with your identity (like a signature). they’ll raise you ways several copies of the seal registration certificate you wish.  Get 2/3 of them. you’ll have one for the corporate registration method.  Keep the others for yourself.

The entire procedure is fast and simple. once finished you may conjointly receive a card like associate degree ATM card to create any future changes to the seal registration. this can be a security live to stop fraud.

Write a corporation Profile

Along with the apparent things like name and address, the corporate registration method needs a profile describing what your new company can do. build a listing of around five or a lot of things. attempt to cowl a large vary of activities at intervals your chosen trade as your company should stay within these established objectives.  In different words, you cannot say that your new company can build websites solely to start out producing cars.

The profile ought to conjointly list

name – decide whether or not you wish to use kanji, katakana, or romaji for the name.  Believe it or not, you’ll use romaji.  I did.  Prepare the katakana pronunciation of the name in addition as a result of the bank can enkindle this once gap the account.  The name you select can seem on your company registration certificate and seal.

Address – a permanent address is best as a result of you will have to pay a fee to vary the address later.

Paid-In Capital―decide what proportion cash you may contribute to start out the new company.  This cash are going to be transferred into the corporate checking account you determine when registration is complete. make certain you have got the money! you will have to produce a photocopy of your passbook to prove you have got the capital.

* Tax Year – Is your company tax year Jan ~ December or April ~ March? a decent rule of thumb is to induce your registration date as off from the tax filing date as attainable. this fashion you do not ought to file taxes a month when registering the corporate.

Owners―Are you the sole owner or area unit others involved?

Hire associate degree bourgeois

A quick Google search can list a couple of communicators accounting corporations which will register your company for you.  I contacted them, and located them useful and skilled, albeit dear. you may pay a premium for communicators service, therefore rent a Japanese bourgeois if you wish to avoid wasting cash on the registration method. whereas it’s attainable to register a corporation on your own, the additional assurance that everything was handled properly was quite definitely worth the accountant’s fee I paid.

I in person went with a friend’s referral, a Japanese bourgeois that provided start-to-finish service for a really affordable fee.  He was a pleasure to figure with and answered any and every one queries I had.  He even got my company seal created on behalf of me.  Here is his contact information: (Company registration Japan) If you are doing find yourself victimization his services, please let him understand that David Pavlovian referred you since he might provide you with a discount!

The bourgeois can raise you to produce the knowledge I listed within the “Write a corporation Profile” step higher than at the side of your personal seal and seal registration certificate.  The bourgeois can prepare your company profile and registration work.  (S)he can later raise you for a replica of your passbook proving you have got the start-up capital.  In my case he asked Pine Tree State to transfer it in order that it appeared as one group action item.

Open Your Company checking account

4 or a lot of weeks later, you may receive your company registration certificate and seal registration. consider your company as a person―it has its own name, address, and seal.  It conjointly pays its own taxes. it is a separate entity.

Register with the Post workplace

If you used your home address as your address, then inform the post workplace that mail self-addressed to your company can be returning. this can be a really easy half-page type offered at any post workplace.

That’s it! when you have got a checking account in your company’s name, you are able to rock. you’ll pay business expenses, settle for payments, and conduct business in Japan.  Good luck!


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