How to register a company in Brazil

As a entrepreneur you want to start a Business in Brazil. But how to start a business in Brazil or How to register a company in Brazil? yeah, we will share something about that. You can follow that process because is it original procedure by Govt. of Brazil. See below the process of Brazil company registration.

How to register a company in Brazil
How to register a company in Brazil

First step

The first step to begin a business in Brazil is to create the legal registration with the Board of Trade or within the company register workplace.

In order to register, you want to submit a series of documents and forms, that vary from state to state. However, the foremost common documents are: personal documents of every partner (in the case of a company) and also the Articles of Incorporation, clearly defining: the interests of the parties; the company’s goal; the outline of the company side, and also the method the quotas ar paid-in.

In order to become valid, the Articles of Incorporation ought to be reviewed by a professional person – small and little businesses ar exempt from this demand. it’s conjointly counseled to envision if there’s another company registered beneath a similar name.

Step two

If everything is correct, it’s potential to proceed, and also the following documents ar required:

  • Articles of Incorporation, or Individual bourgeois Application, or Bylaws, 3 copies;
  • Certified copy of the ID Card (RG) and Taxpayers ID (CPF) of the owner or partners;
  • customary Application (Cover of Board of Trade), one copy;
  • National Registration form (FNC), Model one and a pair of, one copy;
  • Payment of fees through a bank slip (DARF).

Once the corporate is registered, the owner can receive the NIRE (Company Registration Identification Number), that may be a sticker or stamp provided by the Board of Trade or the notary public, containing variety that’s established within the incorporation act.

Step Three

With the NIRE in hand, one will get the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), that identifies the corporate as a remunerator to the central. The CNPJ registration is completed via the web at the Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal) web site.

Step Four

After registering the CNPJ, one should attend the town Hall or the Regional Administration for the business license. It allows the institution and operation of economic establishments, industrial, agricultural and repair providing establishments. This procedure is completed at the town Hall, the Regional Administration or Municipal Secretariat.

Generally, the subsequent documents ar required:

  • city hall Form;
  • Approval of the address, through previous consultation;
  • Copy of the CNPJ;
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation;
  • Survey Reports by scrutiny agencies, as applicable.

Step Five

The State Registration should be done at the State Finance Secretariat. Currently, most states have associate degree agreement with the Federal Revenue Service that permits the State Registration to be obtained in conjunction with the CNPJ through one registration.

The State Registration is necessary for corporations within the sectors of commerce, trade and intermunicipal and interstate transport services. The State Registration is important for the corporate to register at the ICMS (Tax on product and Services). In general, the documentation needed for registration is:

  • Single Registration Document (DUC), in triplicate;
  • Supporting Registration Document (DCC), one copy;
  • Proof of address of partners, certified copy or original document;
  • Certified copy of the document proving the correct to use the property, reminiscent of a rental contract or the general public deed proving property ownership;
  • Tax identification number of the accountant;
  • Proof of registration beneath the ISS (Service Tax), for service providers;
  • Simplified Certificate by the Board of Trade (for enterprises registered for over three months);
  • a duplicate of the incorporation act;
  • Copy of the CNPJ;
  • Copy of business license;
  • RG and CPF of partners.

Last Steps

After receiving the business license, the corporate is then able to get into operation. However, there ar still 2 basic steps for its operation: Registration with the social insurance among thirty days when the beginning of activities, and authorization of the government for printing of invoices and authentication of tax books. For corporations in operation within the industrial and industrial sectors, furthermore as for corporations within the administrative division, notwithstanding their space of operation, such authorization is issued by the State Secretariat of Finance.


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