Starting a business in Tunisia

Starting a business in Tunisia
Starting a business in Tunisia

Tunisia is a country in Northern Africa, that borders the Mediterranean sea and is located between Algeria and Libya.

Tunisia contains a numerous, market-oriented economy, with vital agricultural, mining, tourism, and producing sectors. Key exports embody textiles and attire, food product, crude product, chemicals, and phosphates, with concerning eightieth getting to the ECU Union.

Tunisia contains a stable government, dominated by constant elite since independence and it’s relative banking secrecy. we are able to assist you in Company registration Tunisia.

Setting up a liability Company (SARL) – what is the process of Starting a business in Tunisia?

  • The SARL could be a company with 2 shareholders or additional whose liability is prescribed to their contributions
  • When a liability Company is created from just one shareowner, it’s referred to as an organization closely-held by a Sole owner SUARL
  • The partnership shares representing the capital stock aren’t freely transferable
  • The incorporation procedures square measure easier than for a Public Ld..
  • The minimum capital for a liability Company is TND one thousand, that ought to be totally paid up at the time of the company’ constitution
  • Setting up a Public Ld. (SA) – what square measure the features?
  • Requires a minimum of seven shareholders WHO are often either natural persons or legal entities
  • The most lifespan of such an organization is ninety-nine years
  • One quarter of the signed shares in money ought to be paid at the time of company’ incorporation
  • Payment of the balance ought to be created in one or additional instalments among a amount of 5 years from the date of the company’ registration
  • The shares of a Public Ld. is needed to appoint associate degree auditor for 3 years with the mandate of checking the accounts of the corporate and presenting audit reports to the final meeting of the shareholders
  • Setting up a Tunisian Branch – what square measure the most features?
  • The incorporation of a branch is comparatively straightforward
  • The cut-off date and registration procedures square measure clone of those regarding liability Company
  • The administrators of a branch act on behalf of the parent company and will so have a delegation of power


One of the tiniest countries in the geographical area, Tunisia boasts of being one in every of the foremost heterogeneous economies of the geographical area stretch.

The business-friendly government of Tunisia has developed several policies in Tunisia, that has LED to the expansion of the many sectors like a business enterprise, producing and agriculture.

  • It is additionally acknowledged for its high commonplace of living with a high level of education and social programs that keep the population under control
  • Primary exports during this territory embody chemicals, phosphates, food, and textiles and the crude product
  • It contains a flourishing personal equity market
  • It is brimful with extremely qualified human resources



  • Minimum a pair of Shareholders
  • Minimum one Director
  • No minimum demand for Share Capital, but as per trade practices it’s TND one thousand
  • At least one Director and one shareowner should be a Tunisian resident
  • Registered workplace Address
  • Not obligatory demand to appoint an organization Secretary; but, it’s wise to appoint one


  • Printed Signature kind
  • 10 registered copies of the Articles of Association
  • Two copies of the Minutes of the nomination of the Shareholders
  • Four copies of Passport of Shareholders
  • Two copies of APII declaration
  • Four copies of Certificate of possession of the premises wherever the top workplace is found
  • Four copies of Bank receipts for the gap of a checking account

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