Requirements to register a company in Mauritius

registrar of companies mauritius
registrar of companies Mauritius

Registrar of companies Mauritius: We area unit ready to conduct comprehensive company searches in Mauritius, providing copies of all info persisted the takeover target at the Registrar of firms. we provide an organization documents service that provides register copies of official company documents, however, mercantile law during this jurisdiction solely permits company documents to be obtained for domestic and public registered firms.

Mauritius company’s area unit ruled by the businesses Act, 2001 and controlled by the Mauritius money Services Commission.

The Mauritius firms Act two001 provides confidentiality regarding all matters in reference to firms holding a class one international Business License or a class 2 international Business License. Therefore, the data enclosed in an exceedingly Mauritius company search is proscribed.

Mauritius company and Business Registration Department

The Corporate and Business Registration Department could be a section, that comes beneath the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. It administers the businesses Act 2001, the Business Registration Act 2002, the financial condition Act 2009, The restricted Partnerships Act 2011 and also the Foundations Act 2012.

The Corporate and Business Registration Department has the subsequent main functions:

  • The incorporation, registration and striking-off of Mauritius firms
  • The registration of documents that has got to be filed beneath the businesses Act 2001

Mauritius Company Search – registrar of companies Mauritius

We can give an organization Search report with the newest filed info from the Mauritius Registrar of firms (ROC), together with the status of the corporate, company registration details and also the current registered workplace address.

A Mauritius Company search includes:

  • Company/Partnership Name
  • Company/Partnership variety
  • Company standing – Live, Defunct and
  • If in method of dissolution/ closing
  • Type of Company – restricted by Shares, international Business class one (GBC 1), international Business class (GBC 2) License, Protected Cell Company
  • Nature of Mauritius Company – personal,
  • Incorporation/Registration Date
  • Company class – international Business class one, Domestic, class two international Business License /formerly International firms
  • Subcategory
  • Registered workplace Address
  • Registered agent Address and get in touch with details – wherever offered
  • Additional details not from the register – wherever offered

In Mauritius details of administrators and shareholdings of personal firms area unit confidential not divulged to 3rd parties while not consent. the data is command by the Mauritius, Registrar of firms and also the Mauritius Registered Agent.

Companies holding a class two international Business License area unit needed to take care of money statements to replicate their money position however, aren’t needed to file accounts with the Mauritius Registrar of firms. an organization with a world Business License conducts business outside of Mauritius. A resident Mauritius corporation that conducts business outside of Mauritius might apply to the money Services Commission for a class one international Business License.

Mauritius Company Documents

We area unit ready to offer register copies of official company documents, appreciate the Certificate of excellent Standing and also the note and Articles of Association. These documents area unit issued by the Registrar of firms and area unit usually needed once closing business contracts, handling official governing bodies and once handling money establishments. thanks to mercantile law in Mauritius company documents area unit solely provided for domestic and public registered firms during this jurisdiction.

With a world Business class two company the request for copies of documents is created solely to the registered agent, director or stockholder of the Mauritius company.

Company Documents Enquiry

Please complete our enquiry type, therefore we will assist along with your company documents needs.


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