What is Certificate of Incorporation?

What is Certificate of Incorporation
What is Certificate of Incorporation

An investor might arise questions or have queries to know what a certificate of incorporation really is. Well an incorporation certificate is a document or authorized paperwork that is issued to a registered company or business and other entities associated with The Companies Office. To begin with any business at any destination around the globe it is a must that the investors first achieve a legal permit through the certificate of incorporation to run their business with all smoothness and comfort. This certificate of incorporation (incorporation certificate) assure that the business has been incorporated as a separate legal entity with its own identity under the Companies Act 2006. See here how to register a company or business in foreign place.

# Key facts and issues related to a Certificate of Incorporation:

1. When and from where do investors get their certificate of incorporation?
When the authorized application provided by the business entities or companies get approved by authorized figures, the Companies House will issue a certificate of incorporation for that respected business company. If an investor or company head register his or her company through online by the means of company formation agent, it is stated that he or she will receive their certificate of incorporation electronically in digital (PDF) format by the means of an email. Well they can only get the certificate as soon as their registration is approved. This entire process mainly gets completed within 3 working hours of submission. If the registration process is done by a postal application, then the certificate will arrive by the post within a few days or more after Companies House gives approval for the submitted application. Well in case of Postal applications it takes around 8 – 10 days, so it can be stated that it is more beneficial to register online.

2. Information that a certificate of incorporation reveals?

Well the certificate of incorporation will show these following details:

  • Registered company name.
  • Company registration number or (CRN).
  • Where or at which state the company is registered.
  • Date of incorporation.
  • Company Structure (share limits or limited by guarantee).
  • Issuing Registrar (Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast).
  • The Companies Act under which the company is registered (Companies Act 2006).
  • Official and authorized seal of the Registrar of Companies (Companies House).
  • Royal Coat of Arms.

3. What can be done when the certificate of incorporation goes lost or missing – How to get a replacement?

If the company is said to be incorporated through online by Companies House Web Incorporation Service, well one should receive a digital copy of the certificate of incorporation attached to the email received when their registration was approved – this authorized copy of the certificate can be downloaded and printed at any time.
One can recoup the digital copy of the certificate of incorporation by simply logging into at Web Filing and selecting the option “My Recent Filings”. But it said it will only remain there for 10 days. After this time of 10 days is over, one can easily access their certificate of incorporation online through Companies House free Beta Service, or can also order an authorized certificate (FEES APPLICABLE) by contacting Companies House
Now for those who have registered their company by the postal application service and do not have their authorized original paper certificate, they can just login in and download a digital copy through Companies House free Beta Service.

  1. When will the investors need to use this certificate of incorporation?

Well an investor or the company head will be asked or required to provide this certificate of incorporation when they will go to open a business bank account at any relevant bank, apply for any kind of business loan, selling company shares and at certain circumstances when they decide to sell the company.

  1. Does a new certificate of incorporation needs to be issued if the company name is changed?

When the company name is changed, a new Certificate of Incorporation by the new name is provided by the Companies House. Except the new company name assigned, all details provided on the new certificate will be exactly the same as the original, which includes the company registration number and the company date of incorporation.

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