Business premise license Malaysia

Business premise license Malaysia
Business premise license Malaysia

Sign Board license in Malaysia; Every business needs a signboard for marketing and publicity and having a signboard for your business in Malaysia is very easy. However, a valid signboard license is required for avoiding unwanted trouble with the local authorities. If someone runs their business without proper signboard license then local city hall officers may visit the business, disturb the operation flow and at an end, this will impact the bad feeling on the customers. Additionally, the city hall officer might summon a bill as well. So this is important to have a proper license before adding signboard to the business.
The first step of doing business in Malaysia is to have premises to run the business and then get the business license for those specific premises. Finally, get the license of signboard for the business. The paperwork required to submit for obtaining signboard license varies state to stat. In general, the business owner should inform the local city hall officer about the future construction and installation plan for the business. For example in Kuala Lumpur, the business owner should submit their design and artwork of the signboard to Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka for the verification and approval purpose and also get additional approval for using Bahasa Melayu texts on the signboard. Once the design and artwork are approved then business owner should visit the local city hall office that is Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur in Kuala Lumpur and obtain signboard license (in Malay ‘lessen Papan iklan’).
As mentioned above, the paperwork required for obtaining a signboard license is varied according to each local authority. In below, a list of general paperwork required for the signboard license application is provided.

  • The photocopy of the applicant’s identity card should be provided.
  • The passport size photograph of the main applicant is required
  • A copy of companies’ memorandum and articles of associations also the form no 9, 24 and 49 should fill up and enclosed with the application.
  • For the company’s business premises, the copy of the rental agreement or the sale and purchase agreement is required.
  • A copy of a certificate of fitness for the company’s business premises is also required.
  • A copy of the fire department’s supporting letter.
  • A copy of the location plan for the company’s business premises.
  • Photographs of the company’s business premises should be enclosed.
  • The photograph showing the location of the company’s signboards
  • The sample artwork of signboard that showing the design and color of the signboard.

Business premise license Malaysia; More information on these can be found online. For the companies located in Kuala Lumpur, the information available website at and the companies located in Petaling Jaya, the information available website at
There are some general laws and regulation applies to the signboard license procedure. Among them, the advertiser must be displayed in Bahasa Malaysia language either by itself or by accompanied with another language. Although the Bahasa Malaysia language must be given in priority and with the brighter color and font sizes color from other languages used. For the signboard, reference must be made with Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka for the correct Malay language working. Visual advertise display of some product is prohibited such as alcohol, cigarettes, revealing pictures. Additionally, the logo of DBKL cannot be used in the signboard except with the written consent with the DBKL.
Signboard installation is subject to the provision by laws and order of 1982 and its amendments. Forgetting the license, the fees must be paid within fourteen days from
the date of approval and the license reference number must be shown clearly at the bottom left side of the signage. Additionally, the registered company name must be shown on the bottom right side of the signage. The position of the signboard is done on an approved location and visual. During the peiord of approval, any changes in company name, size of advertisement, the visual, the address of the premises must be approved by the licensing department.
The business owners may go for more than one signboard for having multiple signboard systems. Many business places got more than one signboard, such as one big main signboard and also smaller double-sided signboard. So for multiple signboard systems, the business owner should inform the city hall officer about the second signboard and pay additional fees during the application. In this way, with the single application, the business owner gets the license for multiple signboards and thus saves time. After the application, the business owner gets to know that if he is allowed to install multiple signboards at his premises. Forgetting permission, the size and position of the signboard also come into consideration. Usually, the officer visits the business premises and advice the business owner about the position of the signboard. While the application gets approved, the city hall office tells the business owner about the due amount to be paid for the signboard with an official receipt.


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