Company registration service in Malaysia

Company registration in Malaysia

Foreign investors are welcome to Malaysia to register a new sdn bhd, private limited liability company. As process of company registration Malaysia, at least two (2) partners are required.

  • 100% ownership by foreign partners are allowed (RM 500,000 paid up capital) 
  • Joint Venture with local partner (RM 350,00 paid up capital)  

Company registration in Malaysia

Time line: To complete company registration process may need 3-7 days


Company registration process in Malaysia

Advantage: If paid up capital is RM 500,000

  • Easy to open bank account
  • Match with law of company incorporation as SSM policy
  • Easy to apply for business visa and work permit

Company registration service in Malaysia

Disadvantage IF paid up capital below than RM 500,000

  • Problem to open bank account
  • Wok permit and business visa application is not permitted
  • Problem to increase paid up capital, later on

Company registration in Malaysia

What are documents require from investors:

  • Passport copy
  • Local address
  • Appointing company secretary
  • Signing papers on some forms
  • Clear payment of consultancy fees and government fees

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Company Incorporation in Malaysia

Being online system, company incorporation in Malaysia become easier to incorporate within short time. Company Secretary, act to complete legal formalities of the company, Memorandum and Article of Association (MoA, AoA).

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Bank account open: Bank account open AFTER company incorporation is logical procedure. BUT those companies paid up capital is lesser than RM 500,00 have to face difficulties to open bank account and being holding social pass, single entry.

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Address of the company: Investors have to provide correspondence address of the proposed company. As consideration of saving money and time, investors like to rent Virtual Office at cheap cost.

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  • Find right expert who can assist to register your company
  • Clear payment before starting registration process
  • Select address of the proposed company
  • Know bank account opening information for the foreigner
  • Know information of income tax and annual return submission



Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore  

Office rent by low cost of S$ 10, 20 , 40

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Virtual office in Singapore: We provide virtual office service in Singapore by low budget at S$ 10, 20, 40. Our package helps out foreign owners to maintain office in costly country, Singapore. We can take some responsibilities of your company such as, receiving phone call from your customers; deliver message and documents, email forwarding, local phone call receiving and answering and many more.


 Description  Package Silver  (S$ 10)  Package Gold (S$ 20)  Package Platinum (S$ 40)
Use company address            √
Mail receive & parcel service
SMS or email service notification   √
Reception service   √
Local & International mail forwarding
Local phone service
Phone answer service

Note: We consider accepting special request from our customers, if any.


Physical Room Capacity Rate (S$, Singapore Dollar)
Standard size 1 person 420
Deluxe size 2 persons 840
Executive size 3 persons 1260
VIP size 4 persons 1680



Fully furnished ready office
Meeting room available
Access card
Reception service
Local phone calling
Call answer and forward
Drinking water supply

Note: We consider special request from customers to be accepted, if any.

Our service, virtual office Singapore assist foreign investors smoothly carry on business sitting out of Singapore. Owners do not need to sit in Singapore to look after business. They need an office address that will be cared by us.

Additional services are company formation services in Singapore; foreign investment guide line , nominee directorship, cooperate for opening bank account, entre pass, dependent visa, company secretarial services , audit service, corporate tax service, accounts service,  annual return submission service are provided by us.




Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office rent in Singapore


Office for rent in Singapore

Office rent in Singapore


Virtual office in Singapore

Cheapest virtual office in singapore


Virtual office in Singapore

Smart virtual office Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore

Company Registration in Sri Lanka

Let discuss the way of new company registration in Sri Lanka as foreigner. You can find in detail here .


Company registration in Sri Lanka

Company Incorporation in Sri Lanka

  • Private Limited Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Branch office of parent company

Company incorporation in Sri Lanka


How to register a company in Sri Lnaka

Are you planning to setup a business in Sri Lanka as foreigner? We are here to cooperate you.


How to register a company in Sri Lanka

Virtual Office Dhaka

Virtual Office Dhaka

Small and medium enterprises prefer to rent virtual office Dhaka, Bangladesh. Foreign owners rent virtual office Dhaka to use address by low cost.

<img src="Image/Office.png" alt="Virtual Office Dhaka"/>

Virtual Office Dhaka

Virtual office Facilities are:

  • Reception
  • Email notification
  • Mail notification
  • Call answering
  • Call forwarding
  • International & local phone call receiving
  • Parcel receiving

Virtual office Price:

  • Taka 1000, 2000 & 3000 only

Physical office in Dhaka, Bangladesh

<img src="Image/virtual_office2.jpg" alt="Virtual office Dhaka, Bangladesh"/>

Virtual office Dhaka, Bangladesh

Small office Facilities:

  • WiFi
  • Access
  • Sitting arrangement
  • Water supply
  • Meeting Room

Physical office Price:

  • Taka 5000 (1 person), 8000 (2 persons), 12000 (3 persons), 16000 (4 persons)
<img src="Image/office_3.png" alt="Virtual office Dhaka"/>

Virtual office Dhaka

Very low cost office in Dhaka that can facilitate business communication situated in commercial building.

<img src="Image/virtual_office1.png" alt="Virtual office Dhaka"/>

Virtual office Dhaka

As law of Bangladesh, each business have to have office in commercial building, rent in commercial building is much higher, to obtain trade license. Without trade license business can NOT run and is not allowed to open bank account also. Our price for virtual office Dhaka is very cheap.

<img src="Image/office_2.png" alt="Virtual office Dhaka"/>

Virtual office Dhaka




Company incorporation in Malaysia

Company incorporation in Malaysia

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Company registration in Bangladesh

Company registration in Bangladesh

Know in detail , how to register a new company in Bangladesh as foreign promoters.


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Company Incorporation in Bangladesh

Company incorporation/ registration in Bangladesh

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