SDN BHD registration cost

Register a business in Malaysia: we can help you to register company (sdn bhd), there is no hidden costs and tricky add-ons for opening a company or company registration Malaysia.

Incorporate a Company (Sdn. Bhd.) you have to know about Malaysian company registration Cost (SDN BHD registration cost) see here all of registration fees.

SDN BHD registration cost

SDN BHD registration cost

The Fee quoted as above is inclusive of Everything – ON THE ROAD (No Hidden Cost)

  1. The Registrar of Companies (ROC) Name Search Fee – For Each Company Name Search – RM 30 each for Company.
  2. Authorized Capital Fee Payment to the ROC for Authorized Share Capital of RM 100,000.00 – RM 1,000.
  3. Stamp Duty Fee Payment to the Treasury for the Memorandum and Articles of Association – RM 200.
  4. The Preparation of all Relevant Company Secretarial Forms and Filing of the Forms with the ROC.
  5. The Commissioner of Oaths(SSM) Charges for the Statutory Declarations for All the Company Directors.
  6. Company Common Seal – Top Quality – Guaranteed to Last for 10 Years.
  7. Printed Share Certificates Book – All Share Certificates Pre – Printed in the Company’s Name – Not the Blank Share Certificates.
  8. Statutory Company Register Books in accordance with the Companies Act, 1965.
  9. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Book of the Company.
  10. Five Sets of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M & A).
  11. 3 Sets of CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES of All Documents of the Ready-Made Shelf Company by the corporate SECRETARY form forty-nine – Company Directors’ Particulars, form 24 – Share Allocation kind, form 32A – Share Transfer kind. form form – Certificate of Incorporation and form forty-four – Particulars of Company Registered office – freed from Charge. The Preparation of the First Company Bank Account Opening Resolution – (To Open the Company Bank Account).
  12. The Preparation of the First Company Statutory Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – within 30 Days.
  13. The Free Company Bank Account Chop/Stamp – Already Pre-Prepared.
  14. For Shelf Companies ONLY – usually RM 50 Ready in 1 Hour – FOC.
  15. The Appointment of The NEW DIRECTORS (at least TWO) – For Ready Made Shelf Companies – ONLY.
  16. The Cost of Preparation of Documents, Travelling Expenses and other Related Cost for the NEW Company INCORPORATION.
  17. Share Transfer Fee for The Shelf Company First Share Transfer – only for Shelf Companies.
  18. Free Application Forms for Company Bank Account Application Available – Save Yourself A Trip to The Bank.
  19. Free Parking – Our Office Area Has Many Street Level Parking Lots and Not the Underground and Expensive Parking Lots.
  20. Our Professional Fees and finally a decently small profit for our company.

Company Secretarial Services Fee

Cheap service prices do not mean best possible services.
Even we have to pay our monthly office rentals, staff salaries, utilities and a lot of other expenses to be there just for you

Normally our Monthly Secretarial Fees are about RM 70.00 per month.

Also, we charge RM 10.00 per month for out of pocket expenses (like courier, postage and other miscellaneous charges) and RM 10.00 per month for using our office as the Registered Office of your company.

However, we can work out a special fee arrangement for you please contact us for any types of discussion.



How to register a company in India

How to register a company in India

How to register a company in India

It’s necessary to induce yourself registered to run your business with none legal drawback. India may be a land of chance, regardless of within which field your business is working the probabilities of obtaining success is incredibly high, thus it simply desires a begin. beginning associate entrepreneurship in India would fetch your excellent success. we tend to assure a sleek method if you follow this step by step orient how to register a company in India.

Here is that the procedure and documents needed for registration of private limited company.

Procedure for private limited company Registration:

  1. Apply for DSC
  2. Apply for DIN (DIN suggests that Director Identification Number)
  3. Apply for Name (Form opposition 1)
  4. File kind opposition seven, DIR twelve and opposition twenty-two
  5. Get Certificate of Incorporation from MCA (Ministry of company Affairs)

Documents needed for a private limited Company:

  1. PAN of all administrators (To be genuine by Banker)
  2. Election Card or license or Aadhar Card or Passport
  3. statement of Director Not Older than two Months (To be genuine by Banker)
  4. possession Proof of Registered workplace (Index II or Allotment Letter or Possession Letter or any other)
  5. Electricity Bill of Registered workplace (Not Older than two Months)
  6. Rent Agreement (If Property Taken on Lease or Rent)
  7. intelligence officer from Owner of Registered workplace

It usually takes 15-20 days to register a private limited company we tend to assist you in filing all the forms and drafting MOA/AOA and alternative documents (INC eight, nine 10) need for Company registration in India.

Trust this clarifies your question

In case you wish any facilitate reach resolute us: [] and that we will assist you on taxation matters. You can also call /WhatsApp us: +601136901890

Business setup in Hong Kong

Business setup in Hong Kong

Business setup in Hong Kong

Business setup in Hong Kong

The process for Business setup in Hong Kong center and registering it with the govt can vary betting on whether or not you’re fixing a sole proprietary, a partnership, or an organization. irrespective of what, however, your beginning is to go to the Business Registration workplace. Here you may fill out forms and pay a fee so as to urge a Business Registration Certificate. This certificate can then be valid for one year.
If square measure registering a sole-proprietorship (you are self-employed) or a partnership you Associate in Nursing or your partners can ought to submit identification – either a passport or an ID card – additionally to the specified forms.
Limited firms should register with the businesses register in Queen sway, wherever the mandatory registration work may be completed. For obvious reasons, the process amount for firms lasts longer than that of sole proprietorship or partnerships.
Sample registration forms for of these things may be found through the Hong Kong center IR Department.

See impotent article:

Company registration in Hong Kong

Depending on the character of your business, you will additionally need to envision to examine if you may need any special licenses or permits. the govt offers license info and application help through its Business License info Service.
Finally, since Hong Kong center is such a huge business center, you will need to think about buying a ¨shelf company¨ rather than beginning one from scratch. Shelf firm’s area unit firms that area unit organized and registered, nonetheless stay inactive. If you opt to pursue this arrangement, you may need {to doctor try to try Associate in Nursing do} thus with the assistance of an comptroller.
Acquiring capital
If you would like to require out a loan from a Hong Kong  center bank, you will be thwarted to be told that it may be terribly troublesome to urge start-up funds from Hong Kong  center money establishments. several banks solely lend against property collateral in Hong Kong center itself.
You should thus have a back-up arrange if you’re hoping on native banks to fund your start-up prices.
Taxes in Hong Kong center
Hong Kong has a number of all-time low tax rates within the world – and therefore the lowest in Asia. this implies that their unit varied deductions from that your business are ready to profit. a number of the foremost engaging deductions area unit prices paid toward the longer-term production of profit (e.g. the acquisition of machinery or computers). you may typically be ready to receive a full tax refund for these expenses.
Whether you’re freelance or the owner of an oversize company, you may in all probability need to consult a significant job firm once filing your tax returns. this may make sure that you’re ready to take most advantage of accessible tax deductions.
Government support
The government in Hong Kong center is incredibly adjunct of native businesses, whether or not fresh or long-established. This support has accrued since the tip of British management in 1997, as Hong Kong´s access to the big Chinese market has improved. The Trade and Development Council and therefore the Trade and Development Council Business Info Center area unit wonderful portals to government info and support.
A wealth of knowledge is additionally accessible through Invest Hong Kong center, another government sponsored organization.
As you are developing your business arrange, provide our web site on expat selling, a look. Our selling insights and techniques area unit meshed specifically toward expats, although several may be applied across industries.

Setup a business in Dubai – Basic steps

Setup a business in Dubai

Setup a business in Dubai

Starting a business within the UAE mustn’t take you over a week once you have sorted all of your legal procedures. Company registration in Dubai procedures is same.

But before you begin your legal formalities, you wish to think about some parts needed within the process:

  1. variety of business

Your variety of business can verify the type of license you need. whether or not it’s industrial, skilled or industrial licenses, these can outline the idea of your operations. However, whereas choosing, bear in mind that sure activities equivalent to food mercantilism, jewelry trade, veterinary activities and legal practice need any approvals from alternative governmental departments.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai incorporates a list of over 2100 activities you’ll be able to make a choice from. If you are unable to seek out your specific one in there, you’ll be able to contact the EdD. every country has its own laws and approval formalities.

  1. Ownership

As a remote national, if you would like a hundred per cent possession of your company, you wish to choose a license and site in one among the numerous free zones of the UAE. There ar specific varieties of activities that every country caters to and clarity within the beginning can assist you realize your best choice.

If you wish an area license or got to operate regionally, you have got to induce a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). The EdD license comes with sure restrictions on share of possession for foreigners.

  1. Legal form

Depending on your location and kind of business, there ar rules concerning the make-up of your firm. let’s say, if you intend on a legal practice firm, this may be done solely as a branch of company or as a complete company. A sole man of affairs isn’t allowed to require up this activity. every country has its own restrictions concerning company structure and you’ll be able to look these au courants the official web site of the zone.

  1. Trade Name

Your brand name may be a vital a part of the legal procedure. the corporate name ought to ideally indicate the character of business, unless it’s a branch of another company. All the principles concerning trade names are often seen on the

  1. Share capital

Minimum share capital is typically taken off within the memo of Association of your projected company. In most cases, you are doing not got to pay minimum capital at the time of putting in place.

  1. Premises

Once you have got your legal procedures and forms able to go, it’d be best to grade some offices with prices and alternative details. this may mean a transparent path forward once you get your legal formalities out of the means. In free zones, you may get help to seek out premises appropriate to your demand alongside facilitate to line up electrode, internet, water and alternative amenities.

  1. Employees

In most legal sorts of the EdD, you wish to rent a manager to superintend operations and have him able to get on board before your registration is approved. however, in alternative cases, you’ll not be allowed to rent in any respect. let’s say, Intelex license holders (license for home-based Emirati business owners) aren’t allowed to rent workers, however will interact contractors. Details are often seen here. at no cost zones, every zone has its own specific laws concerning the structure of business.

  1. native support

For EdD licenses, it’s obligatory to own an area agent, partner or sponsor and this can be an excellent support for foreign nationals. at no cost zones, having an area contact will facilitate take the business forward effectively. However, this can be not obligatory and Dubai as a business destination boasts simple set-up for all businessmen no matter position.

How to register a sole proprietorship in Pakistan

How to register a sole proprietorship in Pakistan

How to register a sole proprietorship in Pakistan

A step by step guide on registering sole proprietorship in Pakistan
A sole proprietary (also referred to as a sole trader) may be a business go by a private. there’s no separate legal entity; the owner takes all of the profits and / or losses of the business. The owner additionally has all the management and every one the liability and debts from the business. The owner is that the judgment maker and has no interference. The business taxes square measure paid by the owner through his or her income legal instrument. Sole traders will get pleasure from lower tax rates. the plain disadvantage of this business structure is that there’s unlimited liability of the owner and just in case of lawsuits and different debts, the owner is in person command liable. A sole proprietary is completely different from partnerships and restricted corporations. A basic sole proprietary is additionally completely different from one Member Company (SMC) that may be a liability company with one owner. undecided concerning that business structure to choose? scan our Guide.

Important Article:

Company registration in Pakistan

Private limited company registration in Pakistan

In order to register a basic sole proprietary all you wish to try to to is:
(1) consider a reputation for your business
(2) create a stationery and card with business name, logo, signal and physical workplace address on that.
(3) Take your cnic, letterhead/business card, and a stamp together with your new business name to any bank of your alternative.
(4) they’ll open a checking account for you within the name of your business and provides you confirmation with account details (account maintenance / welcome letter) – NOT necessary.
(5) you’ll be able to then take this letter at the side of different docs to FBR in your district/city World Health Organization can issue you a NTN and/or GST (if you don’t have it already). as an alternative this could be done on-line on FBR web site and can need scan copies of all documents. Please note you’ll need a legitimate telephone variety, email address, rent agreement of your workplace and electricity bill.
(6) Once your NTN is issued then you’ll be able to apply for your GST variety that sometimes takes one operating day.
(7) Congratulations! you’re currently a registered sole man of affairs.
(8) Note there’s no official certificate issued by any authority just in case of a sole proprietary.

Documents we have a tendency to require:

  • Full name and color CNIC copy of sole man of affairs.
  • Nature and scope of business.
  • Business stationery.
  • Business account in any bank of your alternative (this should be within the name of the business–provide letter from bank as proof ) – NOT necessary.
  • Electricity bill (we suggest business meter).
  • Rent agreement of workplace (we suggest business area).
  • Residential address of sole man of affairs.
  • Mobile variety of soul that’s not registered before with FBR.
  • Email address of soul that’s not registered before with FBR.

Private limited company in Thailand-Register limited company

Private limited company in Thailand-Register limited company

Question: What Is a Thai limited Company?

A limited company, markedly a private Thailand limited company, is that the popular type of business structures in Thailand. Following Its two key options are:

  • The liability of the shareholders is proscribed to any quantity left unpaid on their shares
  • There may be a separation between house owners and management

Section 1096 of the Thai cardinal (Civil and industrial Code) has only if “A limited company is that sort of that is made with a capital divided into equal shares, and therefore the liability of the shareholders is limited to the quantity, if any, unpaid on the shares severally command by them.”

The incorporation of a private limited company requires:

  • A minimum of 3 promoters
  • At least one director
  • An auditor
  • A note of association
  • A statutory meeting
  • Registration of the incorporation papers

They must conjointly follow accounting procedures per the Civil and industrial code, the Revenue Code and therefore the Accounts Act. A record should be ready once a year and filed with the Department of Revenue and industrial Registration. additionally, corporations ar needed to withhold tax from the remuneration of all regular workers.

Brief Procedures To Register A Thai limited company

  • Reserve Your planned name
  • The Thai company name reservation ought to follow pointers of the Business Development geographical point at intervals the Ministry of Commerce amongst various tips.
  • File a note of Association
  • The attention of Association of the Thai limited company should to be filed with the relevant Thai authorities.
  • Convene a Statutory Meeting
  • The Thai company ought to convene a statutory meeting to make all the appointments.
  • Company Registration
  • To establish the Thai company, it’s to be registered with the Thai government.
  • VAT or SBT Registration
  • Depending on its business activities, a company might have to be compelled to be compelled to register for the value extra Tax or Specific Business Tax

Thai restricted corporations ar the foremost common type of business registration in Siam. we have a tendency to ar a full-service Thai house. Let our Thai lawyers or any of our foreign lawyers give you with steering once registering your limited company in Thailand.

Limited Company Registration Packages

Note: All packages ar exclusive of VAT and government fees. see here Thailand company registration cost.

Address: 140 One Pacific Place, Sukhumvit Road, Klontoey District, Bangkok 10110
(Local contact number on request)

(Land-Line-Call: +60378860995), +601136901890, +6591333515

How to register a company in Nigeria

How to register a company in Nigeria

How to register a company in Nigeria

If anyone want o register their company in Nigeria we will provide them by our best consultant. see our article how to register a company in Nigeria and learn about basic company registration in Nigeria. To enroll/join an organization, you have to first realize what an organization is. An organization is a sort of corporate structure whereby the lawful status of the business is isolated from the proprietor/promoter of the business. The organization has something many refer to as ‘corporate identity’. There are various advantages to enrolling an organization and you can read up on some of them in this article – 7 Benefits of Incorporating a Company.

There are 2 kinds of organizations private and open organizations. In this article we may be worried about privately owned businesses. There are 3 kinds of privately owned businesses an organization restricted by shares, organization constrained by ensure, and a boundless organization. The greater part of organizations in Nigeria are privately owned businesses restricted by shares, in this manner in this article we will just manage privately owned businesses constrained by shares. The law that arrangements with the direction of organizations in Nigeria is the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). It manages the different kinds of organization structures, qualification, process for enrollment/consolidation, and guidelines for task. The administrative body that is responsible for actualizing the arrangements of the CAMA is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


The initial step to enroll an organization in Nigeria is known as the name accessibility look. At this stage you need to see whether the name which you need to enlist your organization with is accessible and not as of now being used. There are 2 ways you can complete a hunt. You can complete a free open inquiry on the CAC site. The site has an open hunt apparatus here which you may use to complete an underlying free pursuit –

On the off chance that you lead this pursuit lastly choose what name you need to utilize and affirm that it isn’t being used by any other person, you would then be able to continue to formally direct an inquiry utilizing the CAC online entryway. The inquiry costs N500 (Five hundred naira) and if your name is accessible you can hold it for 60 days.

Note that when you are saving a name, you pick a name that is significantly interesting (you ought to have no less than 2 choices). You ought not utilize non specific names, as they will in all likelihood be taken as of now. Likewise you are confined from utilizing certain names –

  • Names that contain the words “Assembly of Commerce”, “Elected”, “National”, “Local”, “State”, “Government”, “Metropolitan” or “Contracted”, “Co‐operative” or the words “Building Society”; or “Gathering” or “Holding”
  • Names that in the assessment of the Commission is fit for deceiving with regards to the nature or degree of its exercises or is unfortunate, hostile or generally in spite of open strategy;
  • Names that in the assessment of the Commission would disregard any current trademark or business name enrolled in Nigeria unless the assent of the proprietor of the trademark or business name has been acquired.


Under Nigerian law, a privately owned business must have at least 2 individuals, and can just have a greatest of 50 individuals. The establishing individuals must not be – younger than 18 years of age (unless no less than 2 different individuals are beyond 18 a years old), unsound personality, an undischarged bankrupt, or precluded by CAMA from being a Director

The data which you should display incorporate – the name of the investors, private address, occupation, email address and cell phone number. You will likewise need to give a perceived personality record e.g. universal international ID, drivers permit, national personality card and so forth.


The archives required for the enlistment of an organization include:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Notice of enrolled address of the business
  • List, particulars, and assent of the main Directors of the organization
  • Statement of consistence by legitimate professional

Under the new CAC process, people can get all the required documentation from the CAC gateway. Notwithstanding, please take note of that as for the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, the CAC entrance just gives layouts, and in this manner if your line of business is one which requires uncommon documentation, you ought to consider getting these drafted professionally by a legal counselor.


When you make the applicable installments on the web (the sum relies upon the offer capital of your organization), you can transfer every one of the records and your accommodation is settled. After accommodation, the CAC will get in touch with you if there are any questions. On the off chance that there are no inquiries, the CAC will educate you once the enlistment is finished, and afterward you can go to their office to get your testament of fuse.

On the off chance that you need to discover more about the procedure for enlistment at the CAC, you may discover more on their site here –


When you are given your Certificate of Registration/Incorporation, there are sure things which you need to do, disappointment of which could include fines:

  • Registration for Companies Income Tax and Value Added Tax with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
  • Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) Registration (if appropriate)
  • Every organization in every year is to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Filing of yearly returns 42 days after AGM


We have made the ‘Business Start Up bundle’ for Nigerian agents and business visionaries genuine about setting up and developing their business professionally. The administration costs is 120,000 (One Hundred and Twenty Thousand naira) and this is what is incorporated:

  • Company enrollment at CAC (1 Million Naira share capital)
  • Tax Registration
  • SCUML Registration (if required)
  • Terms of Business for your Company
  • Shareholders/Founders Agreement
  • 2 months Free Legal Support

In the event that this is something you would be keen on, please tap on the catch beneath.

We hope you have got found this data useful. Please note that this data is provided for general informational functions solely and isn’t supposed to be legal recommendation. No lawyer-client relationship is made nor ought to any such relationship be silent. If you need legal recommendation, please seek advice from a professional professional person. If you wish help in contacting a professional person, you will send US AN email at, and that we would be glad to match you with a professional person who meets your necessities.