New Business Setup & Company registration in Oman

New Business Setup & Company registration in OmanOman, the third biggest nation within the peninsula and a standout amongst the foremost dynamic nations within the Middle East. it’s accomplished stunning development all told areas of economy. Despite the very fact that oil remains single most crucial wellspring of financial gain. The State encourages foreign capital which is able to enhance the general development of the country. It got to supplement native investment in utilizing its untapped resources, facilitate transfer of technology and transnational Corporation affiliation for gap new markets for Oman merchandise. Oman Investment Corporation (OIC), established by the govt to help on the corporate formation in Oman, company setup and company registration procedures.


IMC focuses on company registration, formation and new business setup in Oman. Our team of extremely qualified professionals, possessing in-depth data and sensible expertise perceive specific consumer needs and work consequently. we’ve over 6 years expertise and maintained several glad customers with outstanding service and quality.


  • A LLC company formation in Oman is that the most well liked company format. Foreign shareholders might own up to seventy per cent of the shares within the LLC, aside from GCC or U.S.A. shareholders (which will own a hundred per cent of the shareholding).
  • Under area, foreigners will have 100% possession
  • A subsidiary formation in Oman isn’t commonly entitled to hunt and do business inside the personal sector.
  • A foreign company registration in Oman will register an entirely in hand representative workplace in Oman

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  • Foreign firms that have special contracts with the govt, or give services that area unit required in Oman, area unit exempted from the necessity of getting a license
  • An LLC company setup might not participate in banking, monetary guarantees, or business aviation activities.


  • The law eliminated the inequality in rates between foreign and native entities by providing an identical tax rate of twelve-tone system for all ratable entities with AN initial tax exemption of OMR thirty,000
  • There is not any personal income/wealth tax in Oman
  • Income tax isn’t indictable on dividends received by sole proprietary business institutions and by firms on shares control within the capital of another company registered in Oman.
  • Capital gains and losses area unit commonly thought to be a part of standard company financial gain.

Company registration in Oman

Company registration in Oman

You want to register your company in Oman. It can be local or Global Business. we understand your needs, Use our simple step for company formation and company registration process.


Company registration in Oman

How to register a company in Oman

Get statistics on the way to start a company in Oman and information how you may register. your details in our website.


How to register a company in Oman

Partnership business formation in Oman

Partnership business created automatically, when two or more persons engage in a business enterprise for profit. Get know how to start a partnership business in Oman.


Partnership business formation in Oman

Branch office open in Oman

Branch office opening is a rules in Civil, that set out by the Government. How to open a branch office in Oman, that details in our website.


Branch office open in Oman

Oman-Foreign Company Registration

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Business Formation process in Oman is easier but need to follow some rules and laws of the country especially in case of foreign sponsor.

Foreign Corporation listing in Oman is possible (set up 100% overseas asset, joint business enterprise, and Virtual / area office / cooperation organization), let’s see how they are doing commerce in Oman and generate returns.

There is many opportunity of investing in different sectors. All government gives priority to overseas deal to begin trade in Oman.

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