Top 9 small scale online business in Sri Lanka

Top 9 small scale online business in Sri Lanka: Firstly, we have to ask ourselves whether we are prepared to spend time working on the online business and we should be prepared to have a proper mindset that we can’t overnight make millions as profit, and mainly we have to be prepared to spend money to set up our own online business.

Top 9 small scale online business in Sri Lanka
Top 9 small scale online business in Sri Lanka

The other thing is we have to decide what sort of business we are going to do online, and which has more interest and demand on because if you choose the wrong type of business people will give up in a few weeks and sometimes a within a weeks’ time.

After all, these are done then you have to research yourself which products or business line is in demand, in the online industry.

After that you should open a domain name which suits, your business, mainly don’t allow anyone to buy you domains free of charge for because that causes you unnecessary traps.

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After finding the exact domains and u should find yourself a good hosting site for your online business, which will keep u happy.

While doing the hosting of the web you should clarify everything before you get your web page done, mainly we need to see if we can speak with the people who host the webpage have done a proper job and must make sure it’s not via email or other communications.

These are top 9 small scale online business in Sri Lanka which is a very big demand:

Information Technology

Since a lot of individuals and businesses and professionals which makes life very easier with IT technology.

The demand is very high and booming in Sri Lanka. These are such as database management, data, and information security. If you have a solid background on IT technology.


Tourism is very high in demanding online business with mainly doing rent a car and airport drops and pickups are very high in demand in tourism and online business.

The tourists every year are high in demand because people travel from various countries. There main focus to visit down south since a very highly demanding area for tourism, and this is because of the islands and the wonderful beaches found here in Silence, and the other place is the heritage sites like a hill in our country.

Food items

The demand for food items which are imported from neighboring countries is highly having a demand for online business which gives greater profits.

These food items are mainly necessitated in the importation of foodstuff from neighboring countries.

There are high and big opportunities for imported food items from neighboring countries, which we sell here in Sri Lanka with a good profit.

These kinds of business by online is very easy to start with a small capital and even a beginner can start this.


There is a big demand for health awareness among Sri Lanka with a booming demand for medications and other pharmaceutical products.

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has grown tremendously.

In this trade personally I don’t have experience, but if you have enough capital to start or set up a pharmaceutical company, you can make a lot of profits in the long term, when your capital is very high, but if your capital is low you can start small as a wholesale or retail seller to all the other countries.

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Textiles & Fabrics

Textiles and fabrics & readymade imported into Sri Lanka and has a huge demand for these products from countries, like India & sell them in the local market.


Agriculture is the most important sectors you can do as whole sellers in online business.

Our country produces and exports products like rubber, tea, coconuts, and tobacco.

People having a keen interest in agriculture can start cultivating tea, rubber, coconuts, and tobacco.

In this business, there is no fixed profit since you can make a business from your country and overseas.

Real Estate

Real estate is a huge business which is very high in demand in all countries and mainly you get a high profit in real estate business in Sri Lanka, here we can start a real estate business which offers land & housing property for lease, and for sale to individuals and business.


We can set up a refinery in Sri Lanka and these too give a good capital with a higher profit where any individual can afford to invest on. Mainly this is a good investment for people who are in the corporate field.

As an individual, you can still tap the juice in the petroleum industry, by selling petroleum products to consumers.

Construction Services

This is a highly demanded services here in Sri Lanka for architect’s, structural engineer’s electrical engineers and other professionals.

In this trade, you can make a huge profit and you get benefits too.