Company registration in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong Kong


Company registration in Hong Kong

As all of us recognize that Hong Kong is the maximum liberal economic system within the international along with Singapore this is why opening a business enterprise in Hong Kong is straightforward, reasonably-priced and rapid. Registered capital required in Hong Kong is much lesser than most people of nations (handiest 10,000 HKD) and you can perform your business from any us of a within the global, you do not require residing in Hong Kong for operating your commercial enterprise. apart from all this, Hong Kong is a major banking center. After incorporation of your company here in Hong Kong a person is entitled to open a multi-forex commercial enterprise financial institution account (with e-banking) with international identified financial institution. This kind of function is essential while you plan to do business worldwide.

Modes of business enterprise formation in Hong Kong

earlier, best Sole trader company changed into allowed to open in Hong Kong without even getting permission to are living there and also in the ones days man or woman became required to have an workplace and a secretary in Hong Kong. however in recent times, you do not require any office and secretary for beginning your commercial enterprise in Hong Kong and also you could check in a corporation right here without even travelling in Hong Kong.

Advantages of company registration in Hong Kong

  • No earnings tax on profit earned from outside Hong Kong.
  • The Hong Kong tax machine is easy and immediately-forward.
  • a hundred% overseas shareholding allowed.
  • Low fee of incorporation.
  • Low price Annual Compliance.
  • No minimum Capital requirement.
  • One man or woman can form a constrained organisation.
  • there is no capital gains tax in Hong Kong.
  • there’s no withholding / TDS tax on hobby deposits.
  • No dividend Tax and No tax on royalty earnings.
  • there may be no net worth tax in Hong Kong.

Files Required for Registration procedure.

  • Articles of affiliation.
  • business enterprise Registry Incorporation shape (NNC1).
  • First administrators Written resolution.
  • fees for enterprise registration.
  • observe to business Registration workplace.
  • cope with, Nationality and identity details (passport) of directors, shareholders and
  • corporation secretary.
  • confirmed wide variety of shares subscribed with the aid of shareholders.
  • company’s registered address.


Private limited company registration in Hong Kong

Private limited company registration in Hong Kong

Private limited company registration in Hong Kong, If you are planning on starting a new company in Hong Kong it is wise to start with a local limited company, incorporation or a private limited company. Because, private limited company registration procedure is pretty straight forward and fast. Registration of a company can be a big hassle in a lot of countries. But in Hong Kong, all you need to do is follow a few steps and show the right documents and it shall be done in a matter of days. We mentioned in here how to register a private limited company in Hong Kong…


Private limited company registration in Hong Kong

How to start a business in Hong Kong

How to start a business in Hong Kong? Of course, before starting a business it is need to registered. Then have need to known, how much several types of company in Hong Kong. and what types of business you want to start, this business how much brightness competence in future. We noted in to our website and mentioned how to start a new business in Hong Kong.


How to start a business in Hong Kong

Foreign company registration in Hong Kong

How to register a foreign company in Hong Kong? If you follow some way, you can easily register your foreign company in Hong Kong. I understand you are looking for this way. Visit our official website and known about how to register a company in Hong Kong.


Foreign company registration in Hong Kong

How to register a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which is officially known as the republic of Hong Kong, It is a popular business place.Hong Kong is also attractive destination for businesses, there in have some common ways for company registration in Hong Kong. Company registration process in Hong Kong is discussed step by step:


How to register a company in Hong Kong

Foreign direct investment in Hong Kong

As a foreigner you can invest in Hong Kong economics, that way you can directly invest in Hong Kong it is in here….


Foreign direct investment in Hong Kong

Business Ideas in Hong Kong

Please go to our website, we mentioned there Hong Kong business plan/ Business ideas.


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