Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is situated inside the vicinity of Indian Ocean. foreign investors like to start enterprise in Sri Lanka as maritime and air conversation is higher & one of the attractive country for the travelers. As a new business thinker might imagine which business may be started there? At the beginning, small traders in contrast to to invest extra cash as a substitute pay more time and desire higher in destiny. i will percentage some small commercial enterprise ideas in Sri Lanka that can be began as follows. visit our website we mentioned that list.


Business ideas in Sri Lanka

How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

You’ve set your eyes on the country to set up a business of your own. There are a few felony obligations. So certain steps that much be observed before starting a brand new commercial enterprise in Sri Lanka. we mentioned here, how to start;


How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

You have need self ideas to establish a business.


Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

Company registration process in Sri Lanka

How to register? that raised our website.


Company registration process in Sri Lanka


Singapore Company Formation, Registration

Singapore-Company Formation, Registration

All foreign investors need to know the law and process of investment in another countries including income Tax , Initial investment, Paid up, Authorized capital, minimum investment amount in terms of branch office, representative office

-set up 100% overseas asset,

-joint business enterprise,

-Virtual / area office / cooperation organization),

-Open / set up branch office

Let’s see how they are doing commerce in Singapore and generate returns.

There is many opportunity of investing in different sectors. All government gives priority to overseas deal to begin trade in Singapore.

Singapore business, trade, foreign investment

How to register/ creation/ merger business, company in Singapore,

FDI in Singapore,

Doing trade in Singapore,

How to set up industry in Singapore

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Subsidiary Company

A subsidiary company is a locally incorporated private limited company whose majority shareholder is another local or foreign company. Singapore allows 100% foreign ownership in companies. Therefore a foreign company may incorporate a local limited liability company in Singapore (ie subsidiary company) and own 100% of the shareholding.

How to get business visa ? What is the law of foreign investors ?

Two easiest way business can be set up :

Without investor’s visa

With investor’s visa

An amount, approx US$ 90000 is need to deposit to get business visa, to set up business without investor/ business visa is possible by amounting a small number.