Branch office in Sri Lanka

Branch office in Sri Lanka
Branch office in Sri Lanka

Potential visitors should might discussions with the Board of Investment prior to establishing a company or a branch office in Sri Lanka.  One-hundred-percent foreign ownership is allowed with certain exceptions.

A foreign company register under the Companies Act of 2007 may carry up business in Sri Lanka as a branch, project, liaison or a representative office subject to the terms and conditions published in the Foreign Exchange Regulations 1 of 2017.

The Island Revenue Act of 2017, implemented, includes concessionary corporate taxes and something rates for investments in specific factors and capital allowances on capital investments.  The Act provides for two types of method investments, one allowing rules and the regulations and the other without rules and the regulations.

For the approval, the owner or the chairman is requiring to build a liability organization.  Organizations must join with Department of Registrar of Companies.  Specific proposed name of the organization should arrange through the of Companies.

Application to registration been established by the organization, Organizations approved section of the company law are known to include a secondary objective appealed by the association in the organization.

The registering fee is depending on the association.

A foreign organization can start a branch office under a specific name. The documents bellow wants to submit for a search

an agreed copy of the charter, state, cover of association of Organization, a list of owners, full coverage of the registered or activities of the branch office.

Company formation in Sri Lanka

  • As organization formation in Sri Lanka and proceed the first task is to
  • name from Company Registrar, an address requires for business
  • and provided that all papers be attested by the person of government endorsed;
  • Not only c incorporation but some other also requires to register a personal limited company, depend upon the type of company.

The private/ public limited company is registered offering shares to the shareholders and have the price of each share. Share members will each upon price from the company. As of the country, a private organization is stalled by two share members number of share members are fifty, in case of public corporation minimum shareholders are seven where at t two hold position of chairman.

an under business competitions the market and they are meeting the needs of customers. Go to the local chamber of commerce or development and target areas to if needed in the area.

Mature to a company, thus any ideas and assists in the office fall under the response of the organization.

While opening an office in Sri Lanka.

These are very fine to identify that the numinous ways to find the documentation if they want to do that one to join the organization as well as to that, should be such as the that activities of a company. The hopefulness of the specific country bad his rules and the regulations are the main factor of the category and find the details of such company and the organization as an in which the branch office will be set up.


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Virtual office Canada

Virtual Office Canada
Virtual Office Canada

Having a virtual office in Canada will extremely facilitate to spice up your company’s sales. many alternative corporations area unit giving virtual offices in Canada to assist their shoppers to spice up sales and extremely get the corporate name out there. after you register for your virtual workplace in Canada, you’ll be able to expect quite ton particularly from our services.

When you have signed up for this virtual office in Canada, can|you’ll  physical address wherever your mail and phone calls will come back to. Canadians are extremely excited to grasp that they need a replacement business that they’ll trust. you may be flooded with new shoppers, phone calls, letters, and emails. there’ll be most that you simply cannot even carry on. this can be why language up with USA is such an excellent plan for you!

You will run a neighborhood address and a neighborhood signaling after you register for a virtual workplace in Canada. Our workers is totally equipped to be able to take your calls and emails. we’ve a workers that speaks several languages which will facilitate your company become one in all the most effective in Canada. we’ll be able to forward your emails, calls, and communicating letters so as for you to require care of the opposite components of your company.

We notice that it’s exhausting to run a made company, however with our facilitate, you’ll be able to make certain that it’ll happen. you may see the sales of your company soar as we tend to handle all of the executive work. If you’ve got a particular town in Canada in mind, tell us. Don’t waste it slow as a result of another corporations are wanting into these locations. If you would like a made business in Canada and every one over the globe, we tend to area unit the corporate which will assist you thereupon.

Our team can fain tell you all of the most effective locations for the kind of business that you simply have. Once your virtual workplace in Canada is opened, you may be able to get even busier than ever. individuals everywhere the globe are hoping on your virtual workplace in Canada to induce their merchandise to them in an exceedingly} very pace. allow us to handle the sunshine work whereas you still build your business grow.

Having a virtual workplace in Canada can facilitate your company become even a lot of fashionable. By contacting USA, we are able to begin to start out up the method which will build your company soar.

Contact us for virtual office rental service in Canada.

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is situated inside the vicinity of Indian Ocean. foreign investors like to start enterprise in Sri Lanka as maritime and air conversation is higher & one of the attractive country for the travelers. As a new business thinker might imagine which business may be started there? At the beginning, small traders in contrast to to invest extra cash as a substitute pay more time and desire higher in destiny. i will percentage some small commercial enterprise ideas in Sri Lanka that can be began as follows. visit our website we mentioned that list.

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

You’ve set your eyes on the country to set up a business of your own. There are a few felony obligations. So certain steps that much be observed before starting a brand new commercial enterprise in Sri Lanka. we mentioned here, how to start;

How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

You have need self ideas to establish a business.

Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

Company registration process in Sri Lanka

How to register? that raised our website.

Company registration process in Sri Lanka

Company registration in Egypt

Company registration in Egypt

Company registration is a law process in every country. we help you for Egypt company registration and business formation. so at first make sure institution name and papers. Egypt company registration process have mentioned in our website.

Company registration in Egypt

Foreign investment process in Egypt

A foreigner can invest Egypt economics and start a business, how to invest? go to our website for more help.

Foreign investment process in Egypt

Permission for treading in Egypt

We assist in getting permission to Egypt government for your trading license.

Permission for trading in Egypt

Branch office open in Egypt

After complete company registration process you have need to open a branch office. Commercial transactions is better in branch or virtual office, so you can open a branch office.

Branch office open in Egypt

Company registration Vietnam

Company registration Vietnam

At first confirm a company name, select a place what shall be use communication, MOA, papers attested those are government following rules, starting license, foreign trading permission for business starting.  company incorporation rules is very easy for foreigner. Because Vietnam company registration process….

Company registration Vietnam

Advantage to setting up business Vietnam 

For the last 30 years there was a gradual development within the financial system of Vietnam. In fact, in the closing couple of years, Vietnam has been attracting interests from foreign buyers from all around the world.

Advantage of setting up business Vietnam

Foreign direct investment opportunity Vietnam 

<img src="image/fdi_Vietnam.jpg" alt="Foreign direct investment opportunity Vietnam"/>
Foreign direct investment opportunity Vietnam

Multiple business plan for Vietnam 

Multiple business plan for Vietnam

New Zealand foreign company registration

New Zealand foreign company registration

  1. Guarantee foundation Name , a place what might be utilized correspondence, MOA, Papers those are verified by the individual of government supported, permit for beginning, and others those required authorizations including VAT to doing remote exchanging
  2. To begin clean nonresident business enterprise in New Zealand one share member and one director ought to be showed from any state…. 
    New Zealand foreign company registration

    Foreign direct investment New Zealand

  3. To setup such organisation minimal percentage quantity sum isn’t always constant in New Zealand overseas company Registration
  4. Foreign_direct_investment_policy_in_New_Zealand
    Foreign direct investment New Zealand

    Branch office open in New Zealand

    <img src="image/Branch_office_open_in_New_Zealand.jpg" alt="Branch office open in New Zealand"/>
    Branch office open in New Zealand

    Income tax return New Zealand

    Income tax return New Zealand
    New Zealand Visa process

    New Zealand visa process

Company registration procedure in Indonesia

Indonesia business registration procedure: Ensure name clearance in the company name then choose company place and planning how to start a business in Indonesia? You can visit our website for more information. We are a consultant for business set up in Indonesia. When you start a new business in Indonesia must be you need an adviser…

Company registration procedure in Indonesia

Business Adviser for Indonesia

Business Adviser for Indonesia

Company incorporation in Indonesia

Company incorporation in Indonesia

Limited liability company registration in Indonesia

Limited liability company registration in Indonesia
How to start a business in Indonesia
How to start a business in Indonesia

Company registration in Spain

Company registration in Spain

Spain company registration process:

1. Registration of the company name.

2. Apply for company tax identification code

3. Deposit the capital into a bank account

4. Deed of incorporation:  The establishing accomplices, when pertinent, might sign the constitution deed for the business before a legal official in Spain. The name accreditation, the C.I.F. also, bank receipt supporting that the store has been done will be required. Company registration..

Company registration in Spain

Spain foreign company registration

Spain foreign company registration

How to start a new business in Spain

<img src="image/How-to-start-a-new-business-in-Spain.jpg" alt="How to start a new business in Spain"/>
How to start a new business in Spain

Foreign direct investment in Spain

<img src="image/Foreign-investment-in-Spain.jpg" alt="Foreign direct investment in Spain"/>
Foreign direct investment in Spain
Branch office open in Spain
Branch office open in Spain

Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore  

Office rent by low cost of S$ 10, 20 , 40

Click here to know in detail

Virtual office in Singapore: We provide virtual office service in Singapore by low budget at S$ 10, 20, 40. Our package helps out foreign owners to maintain office in costly country, Singapore. We can take some responsibilities of your company such as, receiving phone call from your customers; deliver message and documents, email forwarding, local phone call receiving and answering and many more.


 Description  Package Silver  (S$ 10)  Package Gold (S$ 20)  Package Platinum (S$ 40)
Use company address            √
Mail receive & parcel service
SMS or email service notification   √
Reception service   √
Local & International mail forwarding
Local phone service
Phone answer service

Note: We consider accepting special request from our customers, if any.


Physical Room Capacity Rate (S$, Singapore Dollar)
Standard size 1 person 420
Deluxe size 2 persons 840
Executive size 3 persons 1260
VIP size 4 persons 1680



Fully furnished ready office
Meeting room available
Access card
Reception service
Local phone calling
Call answer and forward
Drinking water supply

Note: We consider special request from customers to be accepted, if any.

Our service, virtual office Singapore assist foreign investors smoothly carry on business sitting out of Singapore. Owners do not need to sit in Singapore to look after business. They need an office address that will be cared by us.

Additional services are company formation services in Singapore; foreign investment guide line , nominee directorship, cooperate for opening bank account, entre pass, dependent visa, company secretarial services , audit service, corporate tax service, accounts service,  annual return submission service are provided by us.



Virtual office in Singapore

Virtual office rent in Singapore

Office for rent in Singapore

Office rent in Singapore

Virtual office in Singapore

Cheapest virtual office in singapore


Virtual office in Singapore

Smart virtual office Singapore
Virtual office in Singapore

Foreign Company Formation Consultancy Firm in U.S.A.

Business set up, Incorporate, FDI

How to list overseas entity in USA
• Trade environment
• Income Tax , Custom, Goods export and import, raw materials
• Business and/ or investors visa
• Employment cost, rent office
• How to setup commerce
In the Company Planning Stage you will determine such practical matters as:
• The name of the company
• Whether to be a corporation or a limited liability company
• Which state to incorporate in and which states to register in
• Determine the capitalization of the company (how many shares at what par value, and how much each shareholder will contribute to the company as their capital contribution
• Determine who will be the shareholders, officers and directors
• Determine the roles and responsibilities of the company’s officers and directors

Foreign, Company, Formation, Registration,
Foreign, Company, Formation, Registration,