Sri Lanka – Market Overview

Sri Lanka - Market Overview

Key economic indicators and trade data relevant to the country’s market are discussed in the US market. The political situation, if relevant, is the main reason why US companies should export this country and affect trade such as terrorism or devaluation of currencies, trade agreements.

Sri Lanka is a middle-income country with 21.4 million inhabitants. In 2017, Sri Lanka’s domestic product (GDP) reached $ 4,065 per GPO compared to GPO per billion dollars. Due to the lack of agriculture due to droughts and floods in some areas, Sri Lanka’s economy grew by 3.1 percent in 2017, an increase of 4.5 percent last year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects GDP growth of 4,000 percent in Sri Lanka in 2018, boosting agriculture, industry and wellness services.

In December 2017, the inflation rate was 7.1%, down 4.4% in June 2018. With signs of a recovery in agricultural production, the IMF estimates the inflation rate in 2018 to be below 5%. It is estimated that in 2017, Sri Lanka estimated 60 percent of its GDP and carried external debt. The government will have to expect high payments in the coming years. Due to the strong US dollar, the rupiah fell by one percent.

The total annual imports amount to about 21 billion US dollars, mainly in India, China, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. In 2017, Sri Lanka had goods worth $ 336 million. Trade in goods and services between the United States and Sri Lanka in 2017 was $ 3.2 billion.

The United States is Sri Lanka’s largest export market, exporting $ 2.9 billion from Sri Lanka in 2017. These countries. The Government of Sri Lanka expects the Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement to be signed in January 2018 to link Sri Lanka with regional and global values. By July 2018, Sri Lanka has signed a free trade agreement with China under the Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) and China.

Sri Lanka is relatively open to foreign investment compared to other countries in South Asia. It offers an open financial system, an average continuous monetary policy, an improved infrastructure and the provision of experienced local businesses.

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Important Tips for Starting a Business in Sri Lanka

Important Tips for Starting a Business in Sri Lanka

If you plan to start a business in Sri Lanka, it’s wise to come up with plans and small capital. The World Bank is the 109th country in the Index of “Doing Business” among 189 countries. However, over the past decade, Sri Lanka has seen many start-ups. The government tried to improve business and business.

While the company’s creation is a small barrier to managing the process, the process is simple and clear. Registration can be done in the best online mode. Some important tips for a potential businessman in Sri Lanka.

Sole Proprietorship

The structure of private property is similar to many countries. After signing up as a tradesman, they paid your personal earnings. You are responsible for all of the Company’s obligations. This is the fastest and fastest business. Just like a businessman, you can buy others.

Known : Sole proprietorship business registration in Sri Lanka


Registered partners are similar to one property, but ownership is universal. All partners legally and financially share the company’s commitments. Collaboration is not taxable as various legal entities, so relatives have personal income.

Limited Liability Company

Limited computer company is the most common type of Sri Lanka business. Directors and two shareholders are required. Minimum amount of capital is not required. The secretary of the company should be a resident of Sri Lanka.

Public Limited Company

A limited company does not even need the least amount of money. This type of activity should have two shareholders and two directors. Directors should provide annual revenue with certified accounts and financial statements. Stock Exchanges may be issued.

Offshore company

Offshore company can operate outside Sri Lanka. However, he cannot do business in the country, but he is there.

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Challenges and Opportunity for Foreign Direct Investments in Sri Lanka

Challenges and Opportunity for Foreign Direct Investments in Sri Lanka

Foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka (FDI) increased by $ 719. million in June 2018, compared to an increase of $ 352 million in the previous quarter. FDI in Sri Lanka: data on net inflows in millions of USD Quarterly updates, available from March 1977 to June 2018. The last value for foreign direct investment, net outflows (SB, current US dollars) in Sri Lanka is $ 236 808 100 since 2016. Over the past 31 years, this indicator ranges from USD 236 808 to 100.

Net outflows (% of GDP)

Foreign direct investment and net outflows of GDP in Sri Lanka are equal to 0.291 in 2016. The highest value in the last 31 years is 0.291 in 2016 and the lowest is 0 000 in 2001. The last value of foreign direct investment (net worth of the balance of payments, current US dollar) in Sri Lanka is (661 275 700 US dollars) from 2016. In the last 41 years, the value of this indicator ranged from $ 1,218,567 in 1977 and $ 895,920,000 in 2011.

Main Source of FDI Investments

The highest foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sri Lanka in 2017 comes from China, a Sri Lankan statement said. The bank said foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka rose to more than $ 1.6 billion in 2017, rising to $ 801 million.

The Agency for Labor, responsible for promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment, said that in 2017, 1.63 billion dollars were reached, the highest level exceeding 1.61 dollars.

The strong growth is a direct consequence of the reorientation of the government’s economic policy towards a growth based on investments and exports rather than on public debt-financed infrastructure spending. Among the sectors with the greatest growth are the export-oriented manufacturing industry (+ 27%) and services including tourism and information technology (+ 50%) and infrastructures (+ 190%). The highest FDI comes from China, followed by India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Importance of FDI Investments

There is a strong link between foreign investment and economic growth. More inflows from foreign investments are needed so that the country can achieve a path of sustainable economic growth. There are several indisputable reasons for this. To increase the economy by 6-8% per year, it is necessary to invest from 35% to 40% of GDP. National savings do not reach almost 10%. Foreign loans and foreign investments must meet this investment deficit. This is commonplace and other governments are trying to provide different incentives to foreign investors. However, the record of foreign investment in Sri Lanka is much lower than expected and is low compared to many other Asian countries.

Wrapping Up

The Sri Lankan economy has witnessed a steady revival of growth in recent months, with the country taking new ways to monetize goods and services. The new government has brought freedom, democracy and transparency, thus giving a message of trust to the international business community. The business environment in Sri Lanka are becoming more flexible in terms of ease of doing business.

Branch office in Sri Lanka

Branch office in Sri Lanka
Branch office in Sri Lanka

Potential visitors should might discussions with the Board of Investment prior to establishing a company or a branch office in Sri Lanka.  One-hundred-percent foreign ownership is allowed with certain exceptions.

A foreign company register under the Companies Act of 2007 may carry up business in Sri Lanka as a branch, project, liaison or a representative office subject to the terms and conditions published in the Foreign Exchange Regulations 1 of 2017.

The Island Revenue Act of 2017, implemented, includes concessionary corporate taxes and something rates for investments in specific factors and capital allowances on capital investments.  The Act provides for two types of method investments, one allowing rules and the regulations and the other without rules and the regulations.

For the approval, the owner or the chairman is requiring to build a liability organization.  Organizations must join with Department of Registrar of Companies.  Specific proposed name of the organization should arrange through the of Companies.

Application to registration been established by the organization, Organizations approved section of the company law are known to include a secondary objective appealed by the association in the organization.

The registering fee is depending on the association.

A foreign organization can start a branch office under a specific name. The documents bellow wants to submit for a search

an agreed copy of the charter, state, cover of association of Organization, a list of owners, full coverage of the registered or activities of the branch office.

Company formation in Sri Lanka

  • As organization formation in Sri Lanka and proceed the first task is to
  • name from Company Registrar, an address requires for business
  • and provided that all papers be attested by the person of government endorsed;
  • Not only c incorporation but some other also requires to register a personal limited company, depend upon the type of company.

The private/ public limited company is registered offering shares to the shareholders and have the price of each share. Share members will each upon price from the company. As of the country, a private organization is stalled by two share members number of share members are fifty, in case of public corporation minimum shareholders are seven where at t two hold position of chairman.

an under business competitions the market and they are meeting the needs of customers. Go to the local chamber of commerce or development and target areas to if needed in the area.

Mature to a company, thus any ideas and assists in the office fall under the response of the organization.

While opening an office in Sri Lanka.

These are very fine to identify that the numinous ways to find the documentation if they want to do that one to join the organization as well as to that, should be such as the that activities of a company. The hopefulness of the specific country bad his rules and the regulations are the main factor of the category and find the details of such company and the organization as an in which the branch office will be set up.


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Process for business setup in Sri Lanka

The Company registration in Sri Lanka and setting up a company in Sri Lanka those process is are same. Sri Lanka scored the very best amongst the South Asian countries for simple putting in a corporation within the survey conducted by “”. The country has a longtime, well documented method for putting in a business.

Process for business setup in Sri Lanka

  • Every company incorporated outside Sri Lanka, that establishes an area of business at intervals Sri Lanka, shall at intervals one month from the date of firm of its place of business, deliver to the registrar for the aim of registration sure stipulated documents.
  • The corporations Act contains no categorical provision for the registration of a Branch workplace or Liaison workplace of a remote company.
  • Any foreign company that’s registered underneath the businesses Act is granted a similar power to carry lands as if it were a corporation incorporated underneath the businesses Act of Sri Lanka.
  • Documents needed for the registration of a remote corporation doing business at intervals Sri Lanka:
  • A certified copy of the charter, statues or memoranda and articles of association, or different instrument that constitutes or defines the constitution of the corporate
  • A list of the administrators of the corporate together with following information:

o             Name

o             Nationality

o             Nationality of origin if apart from the current status

o             Usual residential address

o             Other business occupation or directorships, if any

  • Name and address of 1 or additional persons residing in Sri Lanka WHO is permitted to just accept on behalf of the corporate, service of documents and any notices needed to be served on the corporate.
  • A statement containing the total address of:

o             The registered or principal workplace of the corporate

o             The principal place of business of the corporate at intervals Sri Lanka

  • A certified copy, certified of recent date, of any document effecting or evidencing the incorporation of the corporate.

Process of putting in a replacement Business:

  • Reserve a novel name
  • The company secretary to sign a consent
  • Register at the Department of the Registrar of corporations
  • Public notice of incorporation
  • Register with the tax authorities and acquire a Tax number (TIN)
  • Register with the Department of Labor and acquire the EPF variety


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Company registration fees Sri Lanka

Company registration fees Sri Lanka
Company registration fees Sri Lanka

For the primary time in Sri Lanka’s company history, serious fees levied for registering a brand new Company, has been reduced by the govt. by seventy three %.

New firms born in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka last year surged by seven % whereas the Department of Registrar of firms itself news a massive revenue in 2016.

“ i’m happy to tell the House that as a part of changes in fees we’ve got reduced the fee of registration of a personal company below kind one by the maximum amount as Rs 11000. therein we tend to reduced this fee from Rs 15000.00 to 4000.00 to develop entrepreneurship in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. All fee changes ar effective from January one, 2017”, same Minister of trade and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen yesterday (4th May) in Parliament.

Minister Bathiudeen was creating a press release on the rise of Company registration fees by thes Registrar of firms (RoC) as a follow-up to the proposal created in 2016 Budget also as news the performance of mythical creature.

The Minister same In 2016, the financial gain of the Department of Registrar of firms enhanced by decade to Rs one.78 Billion from 2015’s Rs 632 million. Also 8,289 new firms were registered in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in 2016. The registration of foreign firms in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was additionally enhanced by terrorist organization to forty one in 2016.

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New company registration in Sri Lanka

New Company registration in Sri Lanka– And Step By Step Guide

New company registration in Sri Lanka
New company registration in Sri Lanka

Starting a business is also a dream however losing your personal assets that support you and your family area unit a reality which reality might transform a nightmare if your business doesn’t estimate, you’re sued, or another unforeseen loss. By registering your business, your business assets and liabilities area unit separated from one another. There area unit several different reasons to include except for the protection of you & your family is also the foremost necessary.

If you’re beginning call at business, or perhaps if area unit established and incorporated and you wish to call your business one thing apart from your forename, you’ll got to register for a “Doing Business As” name, additionally called a DBA, trade name, or alias.

When you type a business, its legal name forever defaults to the name of the person or entity that owns the business, unless you decide on to rename it and register it as a DBA name. A guarantee of protection for your distinctive business name — which can be a key propellant of your selling drive; and,

– getting Licenses and Permits

– Register with the administrative body Department and Tax Authorities

– gap a checking account or choosing bank facilities for business needs

There area unit several legal entities you’ll be able to go along with once registering your business, we’re planning to be talking regarding personal restricted corporations here in the main as a result of

Obtaining approval for your name – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

Searching for a singular name is done on-line via the web site of the Department of the Registrar of corporations. we tend to advocate grabbing a site name for your company similar to the one you registered your name for. we tend to in person use Lankahost to shop for all our .lk domains and Godaddy for our international domains & hosting.

The company name reservation is valid for three

Submitting company registration forms – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

After getting the name approval, submit type No. 1, 18, and 19.All forms ought to be written or written. (Section 475). written forms won’t be accepted.

We’ve gone ahead and connected the forms to create it easier for you.

Form one – Company Registration (Rs. 4,000 + VAT 15%)

Form eighteen – Consent and Certificate of Director (Rs. 2,000 + VAT 15%)

Form nineteen – Consent and Certificate of Secretary/Secretaries (Rs. 2,000 + VAT 15%)

Submit Articles of Association – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

A company can be adopt their quality set up Articles of Association in Table A of the businesses Act of Sri Lanka or draft its own Articles of Association. You want to submit two copies.

Give public notice of incorporation – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

After everything else is finished, the ultimate procedure is to present public notice. this is often typically done by business enterprise alittle promotional material on the native papers. this could embody the corporate number & the name of the corporate. still because the Registered workplace address of the corporate. this could air a minimum of one issue of the Gazette; and in a minimum of one issue of a daily newspaper within the Sinhala, Tamil & English languages, current within the space of business.

Total Fee Structure – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

Please contact with us for details.

Getting started – For new company registration in Sri Lanka

As a Registered company secretary, S & F consulting firm limited is capable of registering your new company for you. As a public service giving for all startups businesses in Sri Lanka.

Company registration service in Sri Lanka

Company registration service and steps in Sri Lanka
Company registration service and steps in Sri Lanka

We provide every kind of company registration services in Sri Lanka for native and foreign entities. You want to register a company in Sri Lanka? searching for an answer so consult us for company registration in Sri Lanka and foreign company registration in Sri Lanka.

Step 1

In accordance with Section six and seven of the businesses Act No. seven of 2007 the primary step is to examine the provision of the projected name of the corporate.

Step 2

Application for registration of the projected Company by submitting Articles of Association along side the forms delineated below.

Form one (1) – Company Registration : provides details of kind and name of the corporate, registered address of the corporate, Details of initial administrators, Secretary/ies and Shareholders.
Form eighteen (18) – Consent of administrators
Form nineteen (19) – Consent of Secretary/ies
If the corporate is coming back beneath the BOI regime, the draft Articles of Association ought to be submitted for approval of executive (Legal), BOI before incorporation of the corporate.

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How to register a company in Sri Lanka

How to register a company in Sri Lanka

How to register a company in Sri Lanka
How to register a company in Sri Lanka

how to register a company in Sri Lanka? it’s positioned in South Asia, Sri Lanka is already domestic to lots of foreign owned companies because of the business capacity the united states holds. With its high appearing economic system, and its skilled and schooling staff available for lease, Sri Lanka has end up a logistical hub for the South Asian location. Sri Lanka is one of the quickest developing economies within the South Asian area. English is a widely spoken language in Sri Lanka, making it clean for worldwide businesses to be performed in this a part of the arena. because of the loose trade agreement that the united states is part of, it is a gateway to the Indian market, another large market which holds lots of enterprise potential. one-of-a-kind varieties of enterprise entities in Sri Lanka. when registering a business enterprise in Sri Lanka, there are several methods investor can opt to move approximately this. one of the most not unusual tactics used is registering the organization as a restricted legal responsibility organization in Sri Lanka.

how to register? here’s how you get began on registering a corporation in Sri Lanka:

Reserve a business enterprise name, make certain that the company call you’ve got selected is specific and no longer already in use or much like some other corporation in Sri Lanka. hire a agency secretary, A company secretary needs to be hired earlier than a enterprise can be included because the enterprise secretary will want to signal a consent form pointing out that they’re the new appointed Secretary for the said agency. check in your enterprise on the branch of the Registrar of agencies. Public observe of enterprise incorporation have to receive public note should take delivery of within 60 days of the incorporation of the company. Get the corporation registered with the tax authorities and acquire a Tax identity number from the Taxpayer services Unit of the Inland revenue branch. sign in for VAT with the Inland sales branch VAT registration branch. register with the department of Labour and achieve the employees Provident Fund (EPF) variety
The tax and customs practices in Sri Lanka may be complicated in case you’re not acquainted with how the machine works, that’s why it’s miles advisable to enlist the services of professional consultancies to assist you with the procedure. Accounting has the know-how and the knowledge that you want to manual you thru putting in place a commercial enterprise in Sri Lanka. For greater data, go to our internet site these days.

For request of citation and greater information about sign in organisation in Sri Lanka, please visit our internet site and make contact with with us.

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is situated inside the vicinity of Indian Ocean. foreign investors like to start enterprise in Sri Lanka as maritime and air conversation is higher & one of the attractive country for the travelers. As a new business thinker might imagine which business may be started there? At the beginning, small traders in contrast to to invest extra cash as a substitute pay more time and desire higher in destiny. i will percentage some small commercial enterprise ideas in Sri Lanka that can be began as follows. visit our website we mentioned that list.

Business ideas in Sri Lanka

How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

You’ve set your eyes on the country to set up a business of your own. There are a few felony obligations. So certain steps that much be observed before starting a brand new commercial enterprise in Sri Lanka. we mentioned here, how to start;

How to start a small business in Sri Lanka

Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

You have need self ideas to establish a business.

Self business ideas in Sri Lanka

Company registration process in Sri Lanka

How to register? that raised our website.

Company registration process in Sri Lanka